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The Best Cooling Mattresses For Hot Sleepers 2024

Want to know which cooling mattress is the best? From best value to most supportive, here are the top 6.

In search of the most recommended cooling mattresses on offer? Our product experts have put together this comprehensive list of the best mattresses for a cooler, fresher night’s sleep. For more information on what exactly makes a cooling mattress, you can read our Cooling Mattress Buying Guide.

Top view of a woman in bed hugging her pillow.

What did we consider?

While everyone’s perfect night’s sleep is different, there are a number of things that make up the best cooling mattress. Here’s what we considered when choosing our favourites:

Innovation & effectiveness

Cooling mattress features have become more and more impressive as sleep technology has developed. We’ve researched and tested the most exciting cooling materials that mattress brands have created.

Customer reviews

There’s no-one better to ask how good a mattress is than the people who have been sleeping on it! We take our customer’s opinions on our mattresses very seriously, and have delved into their take on our cooling mattresses.


Possibly the most obvious proof of a mattress being the best is that lots of people want one! Night sweats, hot flashes or simply preferring a cold bed can be relevant to a huge amount of people, so we offer a huge range of cooling mattresses.

Value for money

While we offer a variety of mattresses at different prices, everyone loves a bargain. We strive to get you the best deals possible on your cooling mattress, so if you can get a super effective, cooler night's sleep for as cheap as possible, we count that as a win!

The Top 6 Cooling Mattresses For Hot Sleepers

Taking these factors into account, here are our product experts' picks for the six best mattresses for a cooler night's sleep in 2024.

Coolflex® Hybrid ICE Mattress

The best 'all rounder' cooling mattress

Image of a divan bed with the coolflex ice mattress on it, in a bedroom setting.
  • Cool gel memory foam infused with gel microbeads draws heat away from your body, while enhanced airflow keeps the foam continuously cool
  • Pocket springs and a medium firm feel offer orthopaedic levels of support, with clever ‘support zones’ that provide targeted pressure relief exactly where you need it
  • Pillow top style gives a hotel-style luxurious feel, with a striking dark grey colour and modern design
  • Available with our 100 Night Sleep Trial, so you can test it out for yourself. Don’t like it? Simply send it back and try another from our list!

Simba Hybrid® Pro Mattress

The most innovative cooling mattress

Close up of the corner of a simba hybrid pro mattress. Background is galaxy/space inspired.
  • Graphite Infused Simbatex® Cooling Foam and Simbatex® Open Cell Cooling Foam layers provide uncompromised cooling properties. The graphite actively and continuously draws heat away from your body, while the open-cell structure promotes fresh air circulation
  • Thirty times the airflow of regular memory foam
  • Soft wool acts as a climate control unit, absorbing and releasing the perfect amount of heat
  • Aerocoil® Microsprings provide exceptional pressure relief with orthopaedic support
  • Removable cover makes for easy cleaning and a super hygienic sleeping environment
  • Also available with our 100 Night Sleep Trial

SleepSoul Heaven 1000 Pocket Gel Pillow Top Mattress

The best value cooling mattress

Lifestyle image of the SleepSoul heaven mattress on a metal bed frame in a modern bedroom. The mattress box is upright next to the bed.
  • The cheapest on our list - excellent value for money and boasts several awards, including a Which? Best Buy
  • Features Cool Gel Memory Foam in its luxurious pillow top layer, encased in a breathable knitted cover for additional refreshment
  • Two generous layers of Cool Gel Memory Foam contour to your body, hugging you in support and cooling properties
  • Individual pocket springs and a medium tension for targeted support, ideal for any sleeping position
  • Also the best cooling mattress for the menopause and hot flashes

SleepSoul Wish 3000 Series Pocket Cool Gel Mattress

The most supportive cooling mattress

Close up of the side of the sleepsoul wish 3000 mattress.
  • Medium firm pocket springs target key areas of your body, ensuring maximum support to your spine. This cooling mattress is perfect for back sleepers or anyone who wants extra support at night
  • A deep layer of cool gel memory foam actively draws heat away from your body, regulating your temperature and is immediately cool to the touch
  • A soft knitted cover further enhances air circulation throughout the entire mattress, keeping your sleeping environment fresher and cooler

Sleepeezee Cool Rest 1000 Pocket Cool Gel Memory Mattress

The most popular cooling mattress

Close up of the sleepeezee cool rest 1000 with bedding on a divan bed.
  • Features Sleepeezee’s innovative Staycool™ Gel, which provides a colder mattress surface, as well as TemperatureSmart graphite strips, which run along the length of the mattress, actively pulling heat away from your body
  • Soft white fibres made from 100% polyester encourage air circulation throughout the mattress, keeping the Staycool™ Gel cold. Side vents ensure the mattress never gets too warm
  • A firm feel with orthopaedic support makes this mattress ideal for those with back pain, helping align the spine properly

Beautyrest Boutique Providence 2600 Mattress

The most luxurious cooling mattress

Image of the luxury Beautyrest Boutique Providence mattress in a stylish, grey, modern bedroom.
  • If you’re looking to make a real investment, we’d recommend this luxurious hybrid mattress, featuring pocket springs, memory foam, soft white fibres AND Staycool™ Gel
  • One of the deepest mattresses available at 37cm depth, this mattress is ideal if you have a low bed frame, or want to climb up into bed at the end of the day. This 37cm height is thanks to layers and layers of sleep-enhancing materials
  • A layer of Staycool™ Gel is sandwiched between two layers of memory foam, ensuring full body-hugging pressure relief and active temperature regulation
  • Hypoallergenic properties make this mattress ideal for seasonal allergy sufferers, particularly in the summer months

To truly complete your cooling bed set up, read our guide to Cooling Bedding For Hot Sleepers. If you need more help and advice with choosing a new mattress, read our Mattress Buying Guide.

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