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Encapsulated Mattresses

Foam encapsulated mattresses work by encasing the mattress fillings within a firmer foam border. This outer foam border helps to improve mattress durability, reduces sagging and prevents the felling of "roll-off".

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Better support

Edge to edge support comes courtesy of the high-density foam perimeter, so wherever you sleep you feel supported and secure.

Minimises that “rolling off” feeling

One thing we hear from customers trying other types of pocket sprung mattress (especially if they’ve been used to a traditional type) is that they don’t like the feeling of “rolling off”. Our box-type mattress with its high-density foam edge construction means this sensation is minimised.

Increased flexibility makes this type of mattress ideal for electronically adjustable beds, so you can make sure you’re having the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.

No sagging

High-density foam means the mattress is less likely to sag, so there’s maximum support for your night’s sleep.

More space to really stretch out

Whether you’re a snuggler or a stretcher, the increased sleeping area of an encapsulated mattress means more space to get comfy, which means a better night’s sleep – great news if you share a bed.

Are there any downsides of choosing an encapsulated mattress?


Increased labour and detail of construction mean this type of mattress can be more expensive, especially when purchased through conventional retail outlets. Our low price promise means you can be confident that we keep prices as low as possible. Match this with the fact that they enjoy longer life and are less likely to sag, and you have a durable, high-quality product that’s great value for money.


This type of mattress can be a little heavier than traditional ones, but because you don’t need to turn your mattress (it just needs rotating every three months), this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

Heat retention

Some people are concerned that choosing a foam mattress will lead to an increase in heat retention and we understand this – no one likes to feel too hot while they’re trying to sleep. There’s very little hard and fast data to support this idea, and we think the superior comfort outweighs any slight increase in heat retention.


There is speculation that the supportive foam perimeter means a reduction in ventilation. There’s no hard evidence of this, and since foam is naturally aerating and self-ventilating it’s unlikely to be a major issue.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, refreshing night’s sleep, and a mattress that’s designed to be durable, as well as having the biggest possible space to snuggle down or stretch out in, then an encapsulated pocket sprung mattress is an ideal alternative to a traditional mattress. The springs themselves are the same and manufacturers have the flexibility to offer different types of top layer or higher density of springs to meet all needs. This flexibility and variety, alongside our lowest price promise, means you can be confident you’re buying a mattress that will be the very best for your sleep, and for your pocket.  

What exactly is an encapsulated mattress?

An encapsulated mattress is made up of Foam Encapsulated Pocket Springs or FEPs. In simple terms, the mattress is a box-like construction of high-density foam which houses pocket springs.

Typical construction

  • Base sheet of foam, around 25mm deep
  • Sides around 75mm deep are glued to the base to create a high-density foam box
  • Pocket springs sit in the box, sometimes under an extra layer of foam
  • Memory Foam or Latex is added as a comfort layer
  • The whole mattress is then covered in comfort-enhancing fabric

The biggest difference between this type of mattress and a conventional construction is the lack of a rigid steel band around the edge. This means the mattress is flexible and lends itself to vac packing so it can be packed to a smaller size than a traditional mattress. This keeps storage and transport costs to a minimum which in turn helps us offer our lowest price promise.

Are encapsulated mattresses ever called anything else?

Yes, an encapsulated mattress can also be called an edge support or encasement mattress – they’re all the same concept and product.

What’s so good about an encapsulated mattress?

Even with our lowest price possible guarantee, we know that encapsulated mattresses are a little more expensive than a standard mattress because of the increased care and labour that’s needed to construct them. There are a few reasons why an encapsulated mattress is so much better than a standard one and so much more effective for anyone seeking a superior night’s sleep.