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160 x 200 Euro King Mattresses

Standard mattress sizes vary between the UK and the rest of Europe: a European king size actually measures 160cm by 200cm, a whole 10cm wider than the UK equivalent.

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What Does a Euro King Size Mattress Measure?

A European king size mattress actually measures 160cm by 200cm, a whole 10cm wider than the UK equivalent.

Buying a European king bedframe doesn't mean that you have to suffer from an ill-fitting mattress, though. Here at Mattressnextday.co.uk, we stock a variety of Euro king mattresses that fit the bill.

Whether you're after orthopaedic support, memory foam or a mattress that reacts to your body temperature - and whatever the level of firmness you need - we have a european king size mattress that will suit your requirements. Have a browse through our range and find the non-standard sized mattress that's right for you.

What is a European King Size Mattress?

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, your mattress is a crucial element that is often overlooked.

Our range of 160 x 200 euro king size mattresses give you the comfort, support and space you need to get plenty of restful sleep and wake up feeling amazing.

The European king size mattress is a whole 10cm wider than a UK king size mattress, and is often used on IKEA beds and other European king size beds, which they fit perfectly. Our mattresses are handmade in the UK to a high standard, and we offer a wide range of choices from orthopaedic mattresses to spring pocket and even cashmere pillow top mattresses for that extra layer of luxury and comfort.

A mattress is an investment, and not something we replace often. You need the right mattress for you. After all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping - shouldn't that be in comfort? If you're not sure which 160 x 200 euro king size mattress is right for you, give us a call and we will be more than happy to talk through the options with you.

Our best 160cm x 200cm mattress sale to date sees our prices for European king size mattresses reduced considerably. Call today to get your European king size bed with free UK delivery. We'll even remove your old mattress for you!

Can I buy linen for my 160 x 200 mattress?

Anyone who owns a 160 x 200 mattress will know that finding linen for it can be tricky. Picking up the right sheets for this particular euro king size mattress normally means a trip to your nearest IKEA store. The issue here is that you may not live close to one or they may not have any in stock when you get there. This can mean you are forced to use ill-fitting sheets that are not right for your mattress.

If you need assistance finding this size of luxurious bed linen then let us help! We offer free next day delivery and online ordering for complete convenience. Without the hassle of having to physically visit an IKEA store, you can simply order the linen you need from your sofa. 

We have a huge range of branded euro king size mattress linen to select from. Whether it is exquisite mattress protectors or top quality cotton bed sheets, we are sure that you will love the comfort and style they deliver. Browse our wide selection today to find the perfect bed linen for your 160 x 200 mattress. All will help you get a great night's sleep and make your bed look amazing. 

Where can I buy a European King Size Mattress in the UK?

With our wide range of products, quick delivery and price match promise, there is no better place to purchase your Euro King Mattresses than right here at MattressNextDay.

Whether you're after orthopaedic support, memory foam or a mattress that reacts to your body temperature - and whatever the level of firmness you need - we have 160 x 200 Euro king mattresses that will suit your requirements.

What are people saying about Euro King Mattresses?

Hear from real customers who have purchased 160 x 200 European king size mattresses from MattressNextDay. Below we have selected a handful of reviews from the various European king size bed that we have available.

- Proof is in the pudding! The kids have stopped coming through to our bed since we got them these new mattresses. We might buy one next!

- Excellent!

- The euro king size bed fits perfectly!

- Can't go wrong with this mattress for the price. 

- Any excuse for a lie in now with this mattress...

- Great value for money. Very pleased. I recommend. 

- This is a great value product, you can feel the quality.

- This is a fair price for a king size mattress of this quality. Also very speedy delivery. 

- We already had one of these, and just purchased another one for the spare room. 

- I really recommend this mattress, very comfortable.

- Our daughters love these mattresses. They can't stop bouncing around on them. And more importantly they sleep very well.

- From the ordering process to the delivery, everything was very quick. 

- Decent memory foam mattress. Recommend for those who prefer soft mattresses. 

- This mattress takes a bit of getting used to. Not really what I expected but it has become more comfortable. 

- Good product, as comfortable as advertised.

- Very brilliant mattress. My wife and I love it. 

- This euro king size bed is good value for the discounted price. 

- Was suffering poor sleep from a mattress which was too hard. I couldn't even sleep on my side. This mattress is far more soft. Thanks!

- Memory foam really makes a difference and after trying this mattress I won't be using anything else in the future.

- Warning about this mattress. It is comfortable as promised but it needs to be aired after opening. There is some kind of chemical smell. 

- My last mattress cost almost double this one, and to be honest I cannot separate them in terms of comfort. Never heard of this brand before but I wasn't disappointed.

- My priority is a soft mattress which leaves me pain free in the mornings. This mattress ticks both boxes and is not priced badly at all.

- Just what I wanted, a eu king size bed. Very good.

- For the price this is one of the best european king size beds to buy online.

- Very quick delivery. Also delivered within a time window which was very convenient.