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Medium Mattresses

Medium mattresses offer many benefits to your sleep, your health and your well-being. Finding the right mattress firmness will help improve your sleep and medium mattresses are your safest bet.

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How to choose the best Medium Mattresses

Our medium firm mattress range strike a middle ground between firm and soft styles. Expect all sizes and types, whether that’s memory foam or latex, small single or super king.

What Is A Medium Mattress?

A medium mattress combines the benefits of both soft and firm mattress types. Ideal for a sleeper who favours both soft cushioning and denser support, a semi firm mattress is a good middle ground for the undecided.

Medium mattresses can be applied to side sleepers and back sleepers alike, with the requisite cushion and comfort to support all sleeping positions. As our medium mattress range comprises of all mattress sizes, the firmness of a medium mattress can be added to any bedroom and provide a comfortable night’s sleep for children right through to the elderly.

What Is The Best Medium Mattress?

Medium firmness mattresses come in a full range of models. Choosing the right medium mattress type for your needs depends on how much plushness you require for a comfortable night’s sleep. Choose from a memory foam mattress, expertly designed to mould to all body shapes for those who favour a softer feel. Or go slightly firmer, with a pocket sprung medium firm mattresses that helps prevent sinking into the mattress. 

Orthopaedic medium firm mattresses are designed specifically to help soothe back and joint pain, while latex models add a touch of luxury and elegance. They’re also great for managing allergies.

Medium Mattress Sale

The best medium firm mattresses don’t have to cost a pretty penny, with our affordable models leaving enough change in your pockets to add a high quality mattress topper or protector to your new mattress. With everything from medium firm double mattresses to medium pocket sprung mattress available at an accessible price, the depth of our mattress range has a top of the range solution to all sleeping needs. Choose one of our top rated mattresses to make the most out of your night time recovery sessions.

Our medium firm mattress range features a 12 month guarantee as standard, with selected mattresses further protected with an additional 5 year warranty, protecting your investment and offering peace of mind. Get the ultimate medium firm mattress set up quicker than ever before with our nationwide next day mattress delivery service.