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Kingsize Memory Foam Mattresses

If you're tired of not having enough space in bed, the problem could be your mattress. If you want extra room to stretch out in or more space for you and your partner to enjoy, why not choose one of our king-size memory foam mattresses

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How to choose the best kingsize memory foam mattresses

The technology in our king size memory foam mattresses actually comes straight from NASA! This should give you full confidence that it is not only created by experts but also effective in promoting better rest.

We're confident that you will enjoy sleep that is truly out of this world on this kind of mattress.

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Want to learn more - Read our memory foam mattress guide.

What size is a king size memory foam mattress?

A king size memory foam mattress is the same size as a standard king size mattress, measuring 5 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long. Bear in mind that European and specific brands, such as Ikea, have slightly different dimensions and may be an inch or two larger than the standard size. 

How much bigger is a king size memory foam mattress than a double?

A standard double memory foam mattress is 135 x 190cm or 4’6 x 6’3, so a king size option will be six inches wider and around three inches longer. 

Can king size mattresses fit on double bed frames?

Although they will sit on top of a double bed frame, there will be a certain amount of overhang on the sides and at the foot. This could mean that anyone sitting on the edge of the bed could tip the mattress. A king size mattress should be partnered up with the correct king size bedstead to ensure stability and comfort right to the edge of the sleeping area. 

How much does a king size memory foam mattress weigh? 

You may find that your king size memory foam mattress weighs more than you think. When fully expanded (after unboxing and packing), the average king size memory foam mattress weighs around 100-160lbs, depending on the density of the foam. The denser the foam, the heavier the mattress. 

Can you get mattress toppers for a king size memory foam mattress? 

Yes. Any standard king size mattress topper will fit onto a king size memory foam mattress, giving an even softer and more cushioned feel.