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Helpful Guides & Tips for Vegan Mattresses

Are you in the market for a cruelty-free mattress that is not made with any animal products whatsoever? Have you had difficulty finding a vegan mattress that doesn't cost the Earth to buy?

At MattressNextDay, we stock a vegan mattress range that just might contain the mattress you are looking for. Every one of our handpicked mattresses has been carefully designed and manufactured using zero animal-derived materials. They're painstakingly crafted with the utmost care and designed to allow you to sleep peacefully in the knowledge that no animals were harmed to provide you with your mattress.

Though every product in our range of vegan mattresses is crafted without using any animal-derived materials, there is no sacrifice on the comfort front. These mattresses will give you all the support and comfort you would expect from a more conventional mattress without a single animal being harmed to create them. And we offer a lowest price promise, so you won't find a vegan mattress priced better elsewhere.

Our vegan mattress range is great for protecting animals, but its environmental credentials don't stop there. The materials the designers use to create these vegan mattresses include Eco Comfort Fibres™ - a 100% recycled polyester blend that is ethical, sustainable and cost-effective to produce. These Eco Comfort Fibres™ help to prevent harmful plastics from being discarded and ending up in our oceans, meaning our vegan mattresses that include Eco Comfort Fibres™ are perfect for people wishing to minimise their environmental impact and support our environment.

We deliver many of our vegan-friendly mattresses rolled up. This is good to know for the eco-conscious consumer because a rolled-up mattress occupies less space, so more items can be fitted inside our delivery vans for deliveries. With more inside each van, there will be fewer journeys back-and-forth to the depot. Fewer deliveries equals a lower carbon footprint - another step to reduce the harm done to our environment. At MattressNextDay, we care about doing what we can to help protect and preserve the environment and are always exploring new ways to reduce our own carbon and waste footprints.

Take a look at our vegan mattress range today and get the benefit of our Free Next Day Delivery service. If you need a little extra help, choose our Two Man Delivery option, which ensures a selection of our mattresses can be delivered straight to your chosen room. You won't find better prices for vegan mattresses anywhere else.

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