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Dormeo Octaspring Mattresses

The Dormeo Octaspring mattress compares very favourably to the Tempur mattress and is commonly regarded as the best in class for comfort. 

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Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress Guarantee

The Dormeo memory foam mattresses have a 60-night risk-free trial. We will refund or exchange your mattress after sixty nights without asking questions if you aren’t satisfied.

The memory foam mattresses are tested to provide comfort and support. There is a high level of confidence in these bed mattresses, which is why they come with a lengthy 15 year guarantee.

Who Are Dormeo?

Dormeo are one of the world’s best mattress brands, producing handmade beds and mattresses which make sleeping a joyful experience. Dormeo recognise the importance of sleep, working tirelessly to find new ways to make their customers feel refreshed and full of energy upon waking up.

A mattress company with global reach, Dormeo mattresses have played host to countless peaceful nights over the past 15 years. From memory foam to medium mattresses, Dormeo are on a mission to find the ultimate sleeping solution for you. The Dormeo Octaspring mattress represents their latest foray into leading sleep technology.

What Is An Octaspring Mattress?

An Octaspring mattress by Dormeo is centred around a unique spring-based technology which has since made its way into footwear, cars and upholstery. Improved ventilation, support and comfort are a hat-trick of core values which underpin the Octaspring mattress design, creating a sleeping surface you’ll be excited to climb onto every night.

Dormeo proudly claim to have reinvented mattresses with their Octaspring effort, and it’s hard to disagree. A fan-favourite among Dormeo customers, this inventive mattress is perfect for those who can’t handle the heat of a memory foam mattress, regulating body temperature with its breathable design.

What Are The Benefits Of An Octaspring Mattress?

Octaspring mattresses help to regulate airflow with a breathable design, keeping you at an optimal temperature while you sleep. The innovative sprung mattress also offers 3-dimensional movement within the mattress for full support while you sleep.

The best mattress for couples, the Octaspring design means there is no motion transfer across the bed, allowing you to co-sleep with a restless sleeper without being disturbed. As each spring moves independently from the other, it doesn’t create the ripple effect you find in traditional pocket sprung mattresses.

Mattress Dormeo are made from ecologically sound, fully recyclable materials and Octaspring mattresses are no exception. These natural mattresses are sourced from mother nature herself, limiting the impact they have on the environment. The eco-friendly mattress gives you a comfortable surface which allows you to sleep safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment.

If allergies are disrupting your sleeping pattern, call on the Octaspring to revitalise your sleep. The hypoallergenic mattresses are cotton covered and protected against dust mites and bacteria. A high quality anti-allergy mattress, the hypoallergenic properties improve the overall hygiene of your sleeping space by creating an inhospitable environment for nasty creepy crawlies.

How Is The Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress Made?

The Dormeo memory foam mattresses utilise a layer of visco-elastic memory foam that offers comfort and support. Below this, there’s a thick layer of Ecocell foam, a unique feature of all Dormeo mattresses which separates it from the rest by providing superior levels of support. The memory foam and Ecocell work in tandem, reducing heat and moisture from the sleeping surface to ensure heightened comfort.

Manufactured in Italy and finished with a cotton design, the foam comfort mattresses are rolled and vacuum packed, saving on transportation space to the benefit of the environment. This technique also improves the delivery experience, reducing the likelihood of damage in transit.

Does The Dormeo Octaspring Mattress Help With Back Pain?

As with all memory foam mattresses, back pain can be soother as you sleep with the absorbent qualities of the material. The memory foam moulds to your body shape, reducing the number of pressure points by spreading the weight along your body. This significantly restricts neck and back tension, keeping pain at a minimum and sending comfort through the roof.

The best mattresses for back pain aid with posture and spinal alignment, and the Octaspring bed mattress is no different. Compared to other mattresses, a Dormeo memory foam bed can help you get a much more comfortable night’s sleep.