Pocket Spring Mattresses

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Pocket spring mattresses are very popular with many people and it's for good reason. They provide individual comfort and support that some other mattresses don't. If you take a look at the cross section of a pocket spring mattress, you will see hundreds, or even thousands of springs, all encased in its own linen pocket. Each spring works independently of each other, so that support to each person, sharing the bed, will receive support appropriate to that individual. The pressure on each spring is not transmitted to those not directly bearing the weight. Pocket spring mattresses also help to prevent any roll together. Another benefit of pocket spring mattresses is that as all the springs are housed independently from each other, any movement in the bed by one partner will not cause any disturbance to the other partner especially if their partner is a very restless sleeper. The reason for this is because it means that both partners can have exactly the level of independent support they each need ensuring that both partners can sleep comfortably and individually supported throughout the night. Pocket spring mattresses are available in a wide range of firmness making them suitable to most people.