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Simmons Mattresses

Shop our range of Simmons mattresses at MattressNextDay and save up to 70% off RRP. Get next day delivery on orders over £150 (subject to stock status).

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How long has Simmons been established?

Simmons Mattresses was founded in 1870 in Wisconsin, USA. Ever since then, Simmons has been dedicated to making premium quality mattresses, offering excellent value for money and helping people to get a better night’s sleep.

What makes Simmons mattresses special?

Simmons has been at the forefront of mattress innovation for many decades, developing new manufacturing techniques and bringing exciting new products to the marketplace. As long ago as 1925, Simmons commissioned a sleep study so that the company could learn more about sleep patterns and how to make beds to support better sleep. This would be just the start of extensive research conducted into sleepover the following decades, supporting the ongoing enhancement of mattress design.

Was Simmons Mattresses really the first to launch the queen and king size mattresses?

Yes, in 1958, Simmons introduced the first queen and king size mattresses to the market. This was a revolution in sleep comfort for couples needing more space.

What other major innovations has Simmons developed?

Simmons developed technology in the early part of the 20th century for producing pocketed coils. This led to pocketed coil spring mattresses becoming available for the mass market. These mattresses were far superior to the wired mattress which had been available previously and Simmons mattresses were widely endorsed by celebrities, such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Henry Ford.

In 1927 Simmons launched the Studio Couch, which converted from a daytime sofa to a bed for at night. This simple design meant that people could offer guests a comfortable bed for the night even if they didn’t have the luxury of a separate guest room. It was hugely popular and remained part of the Simmons range for many years.

Simmons was also the creator of the Olympic Queen size mattress, which was introduced in 2001.

How big is the Olympic Queen size mattress?

The Olympic Queen size mattress measures a generous 66’’ x 80’’. Those extra six inches over a standard Queen size might not sound a lot, but they can make all the difference to your sleep when you share a bed.

How do pocket springs work?

A pocket spring mattress features many springs which are each encased individually in a fabric pocket. The pockets are then connected together to produce the mattress but the springs are still able to operate independently from one another. This type of mattress offers a superior level of support for a better night’s sleep. Typically a higher density of pocket springs indicates that the mattress will offer a higher level of support.

How does a memory foam mattress work?

Memory foam is designed to shape itself around the contours of your body for your comfort. When pressure is released it springs back to its original shape. This specialist material sits above a dual-layer of pocket springs. The upper layer works by moulding itself around the body contours, while the layer below provides more support and helps to absorb changes in weight distribution as you move around during the night.

Why choose a Simmons Ottoman bed?

The Simmons Ottoman bed provides useful storage space as well as an extremely comfortable bed. It is fitted with a mechanism featuring gas rams for easy opening of the ottoman. The mattress has a memory foam layer supported by layers of pocket springs.

How is a Simmons Divan bed base constructed?

The divan bed has a platform top base with a solid wooden top upholstered in fabric. The base gives firm support to the mattress for enhanced comfort for you. The divan bed features a pocket sprung mattress.

Does Simmons make specialist beds to ease health issues?

Yes. For many decades Simmons has been making beds with enhanced support to help people suffering from back pain. In 1995 the company introduced its BackCare mattresses, developed specifically to make sleep more comfortable for those experiencing back problems. This popular range is continually updated and is still very much in demand today. Specialist materials and technology are used to create mattresses with greater support, and which help to keep the spine in alignment.

In 2004, Simmons launched its Health Smart range of mattresses with reinforced edge support and removable washable bed tops - ideal for allergy sufferers.