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Sleepeezee Mattresses

The Sleepeezee range offers fantastic value for money. The unique 'no roll together' feature on selected mattresses, means you won't be disturbed when your partner moves. Meanwhile, the wide range of beds available means you can find just the right mattress, giving you the ultimate sleep experience.

The Sleepeezee range offers fantastic value for money. The unique 'no roll together' feature on selected mattresses, means you won't be disturbed when your partner moves. Meanwhile, the wide range of beds available means you can find just the right mattress, giving you the ultimate sleep experience.

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Trustpilot Star rating Verified

Ordered sunday night,delivered monday afternoon.Super comfy mattress.Would use again in a heart beat.

Mark St 18th Apr
Trustpilot Star rating Verified

Good selection of mattress for all size and firmness and price points with option to take old mattress away a little pricey maybe but usefull and a varied delivery time slots to suit. Have used several times and will continue to do so

Gary 18th Apr
Trustpilot Star rating Verified

Sunday delivery was an option which really worked for me and was free, which was a bonus. The communication was really good and they turned up on time. The guys were in and out in 5 mins. The mattress is sooo comfortable and really good value.

Christine 18th Apr

Helpful guides & tips for Sleepeezee mattresses

The Sleepeezee range offers fantastic value for money. The unique 'no roll together' feature on selected mattresses, means you won't be disturbed when your partner moves. Meanwhile, the wide range of beds available means you can find just the right mattress, giving you the ultimate sleep experience.

Who are Sleepeezee?

Sleepeezee is known for being one of the most highly regarded mattresses and bed brands in the UK. Their quality mattresses guarantee a serene night’s sleep on the best materials and craftsmanship. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day, knowing that when you go to sleep, you could be sleeping on a heritage of over 90 years of sleep innovation.

Sleepeezee incorporates traditional skills and quality craftsmanship to create ultimate comfort and stylish pocket sprung mattresses. All mattresses are hand-made at their factory in Kent with the best materials by their passionate and dedicated craftsmen.

A Sleepeezee mattress creates a stunning centrepiece in any bedroom, delivering exceptional comfort every single night, year on year. A Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales reinforces Sleepeezee’s reputation for excellence and the best of British quality. It is a brand you can trust, time and time again.

Why choose a Sleepeezee mattress

Sleepeeze understands why a quality product matters when it comes to sleep. They have been handcrafting beds in the UK since 1924 and, in that time, they have learned the absolute value of a comfortable bed. Sleepeeze mattresses are a guarantee of quality and excellence.

A good night's sleep is vital. In fact, it is estimated that we sleep for a third of our lives. This is why it is necessary to invest in the right mattress. Sleepeeze provides a variety of top quality products, including pocket gel beds or orthopaedic mattresses and the ultimate in luxury: the pure range.

Sleepeeze mattresses are built using the highest standards of craftsmanship to provide the best for our customers. Their beds are technologically advanced using high-quality materials to transform the way that you sleep. This has been recognised with the issue of the prestigious Royal Warrant. 

The Royal Warrant

In Great Britain, to receive a Royal Warrant is to be recognised as the pinnacle of excellent standards and quality service. There are only around 800 holders of a Royal Warrant in the nation today, crossing a broad spectrum of trades and industries that includes both individual craftspeople and multi-national corporations. What unites them is an unwavering commitment to delivering the very best service in their industry, and every Warrant holder is granted membership to the Royal Warrant Holders Association.

Officially, the Royal Warrant of Appointment is a token of recognition for anyone who has supplied their services or goods to the households of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh or the Prince of Wales for a minimum of five years, with an established trade agreement for the future. The Warrant is an official document appointing the company in its trading capacity and is granted to a specific individual who becomes the Grantee. The Grantee takes on the responsibility of ensuring the relevant Royal Arms is displayed in connection with the business.

Sleepeezee mattresses have been used on the beds of the Royal Households for some time now, and their superior standards have been recognised with the granting of The Royal Warrant. This means every Sleepeezee mattress is sold with the royal seal of approval that tells you their products are among the best in the industry. Every mattress from the Sleepeezee range is designed and manufactured using innovative technologies and cutting-edge techniques so customers can enjoy the ultimate in comfort and luxury for a restful night's sleep. And there is no better acknowledgement of quality than the Royal Warrant.

What guarantee do I get with my Sleepeezee bed?

Here at Mattressnextday, we are confident all of our Sleepeezee mattresses & beds are made to the highest standards. Therefore we offer long full guarantees on all mattresses, divans, and headboards.

In the unlikely event of a defect occurring, we recommend you should contact us as soon as the defect occurs. You will need to show proof of purchase along with information about the defect and any photographic evidence. This will help you to identify the potential cause of the defect. Following an inspection, the defective product will be repaired or replaced free of charge. This may be at the discretion of Sleepeezee Ltd but does not affect your statutory rights.

Who are Sleepeezee and what’s so special about them?

Sleepeezee is a high-quality mattress provider that has been in operation since 1924. The company manufactures divans, mattresses and headboards for chosen retailers and offers an elite, bespoke service for those interested in pursuing it. Each mattress is hand made in their Kent-based factory and makes use of 90+ years of experience and know-how. This means that when you buy a Sleepeezee product for your bed, you are enjoying the benefits of the high level of craftsmanship, care and comfort that goes into every build. 

Sleepeezee products are so good they have even earned a Royal Warrant and officially supply their products to the royal court and family. And if it’s good enough for a Queen to sleep on, it just might be good enough for the rest of us! 

What types of mattress are there?

While Sleepeezee products are exclusively made for select retailers, mattresses broadly offer a choice between ‘sprung edge’ and ‘platform top’ bases. A platform top is a solid choice for those that enjoy a firmer feel to their bed through the use of a top panel that is non-sprung. In contrast, sprung edge mattresses will carry a much softer feel and will allow you to enjoy a higher degree of ‘give’ for your bed. When it comes to picking your bed, starting between firm or soft builds will help you zero in on the item that is right for you and your comfort level.

For more information, please read our mattress buying guide.

What sizes of mattresses can I buy?

Regarding your chosen size, most retailers will carry Sleepeezee mattresses in a range of styles that include:

Sleepeezee also offers ‘zip and link’ beds which connect along their length, allowing you to convert a large bed into two singles if required which will help save time on transport and delivery. From Sleepeezee king size mattresses to single mattresses, Sleepeezee offers a broad variety of sizes so that you can pick out the perfect one to suit your bedroom. 

For more information, please read our mattress size guide.

How long should my mattress last on my bed?

Every Sleepeezee mattress will come with a full guarantee from the company, with each bed and divan lasting anywhere between seven to ten years on average. This can easily be prolonged by regular care and settling on a frame that suits the product and the type of sleeper you happen to be. 

A big part of maintaining your mattress involves settling on the right size for your needs, with bigger often truly proving to be better. With sleepers moving up to seventy times during the night, a larger level of mattress will prevent sleep disruption to your partner and excessive wear-and-tear to a smaller type of mattress on your bed. 

Size Imperial Metric
Cot Mattress 3'9" x 1'9" 120cm x 60cm
Cot Bed Mattress 4'6" x 2'3" 140cm x 70cm
Adjustable Small Single 2'6" x 6'6" 75cm x 200cm
Adjustable Single 3' x 6'6" 90cm x 200cm
Adjustable Small Double 4' x 6'6" 120cm x 200cm
Adjustable Double 4'6" x 6'6" 135cm x 200cm
Small Single 2'6" x 6'3" 75cm x 190cm
Single 3' x 6'3" 90cm x 190cm
Small Double 4' x 6'3" 120cm x 190cm
Double 4'6" x 6'3" 135cm x 190cm
King Size 5' x 6'6" 150cm x 200cm
Super King 6' x 6'6" 180cm x 200cm
European Small Single 2'8" x 6'6" 80cm x 200cm
European Single 3' x 6'6" 90cm x 200cm
European Double 4'7" x 6'6" 140cm x 200cm
European King Size 5'3" x 6'6" 160cm x 200cm

All mattress sizes given are approximate and stated sizes refer to the sleeping surface only. Mattresses sizes may vary slightly from their stated dimensions due to manufacturing tolerances, please allow +/- 2 inches (5cm).

Support Best for
 Icon for Memory Foam Memory Foam Body moulding and pressure relieving
 Icon for Natural Fibres Natural Fibres Unrivalled comfort, naturally temperature-regulating
 Icon for Latex Latex Breathable, supportive and eco friendly
 Icon for Cool Gel Memory Foam Cool Gel Memory Foam Active cooling properties, ideal for hot sleepers
 Icon for Soft White Fibres Soft White Fibres Hypoallergenic polyester, soft and durable

Support Best for
 Icon for Pocket Springs Pocket Springs Individual springs for tailored support
 Icon for Foam Foam Conforms to your body's shape, silent (no springs)
 Icon for Open Coil Springs Open Coil Springs Traditional, interlinked springs
 Icon for Pocket Springs Latex Bouncy yet supportive, great for hot sleepers

Firmness Best for
Good for side sleepers, a softer level of support
Good all-rounder for front, side or back sleepers
Medium - Firm
Good for people who change sleeping position
Good for people who sleep on their front or back
Extra Firm
The firmest level of support, also known as orthopaedic