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Experts Reveal The Biggest Trends For Your Bedroom In 2023!

In this article

It’s never too early to start looking at the trends that will be BIG in the next 12 months. So, we’ve done the work for you. 

We’ve researched the growing bedroom decor trends on Pinterest and TikTok to uncover new ways to style your room when it comes to themes, colours, furnishings and even accents. We can also share our secrets to reveal the BEST bed frame style for 2023.

We’ve analysed the growing trends on Pinterest for bedrooms, as well as their yearly increase to reveal how our bedroom themes could be changing in the next year. And, how these very different styles can suit many personality types.

Image displaying four bedroom trends - downtown girl, cyberpunk, cool nature, dark romance - in bedroom settings.

1. Downtown Girl

What is the trend?  The downtown girl interior trend is inspired by the apartments in Downtown New York and what they look like in Autumn/Winter. It's all about creating a space that’s both functional and stylish, while incorporating materials like concrete and wood that are both modern and timeless at the same time. Think pre-loved vintage furniture, moody colours and personality-driven accessories, such as record players, guitars and books.

How much has the trend grown? 10,000%

How to create the trend at home: Suzanne Roynon is an International Interiors Therapy expert and Feng Shui consultant. “These calm, stable, earthy tones will provide a degree of stability, reassurance and a sense of belonging.  Avoid becoming too earth-bound with excellent lighting”. As Suzanne recommends, incorporating dim lighting and more rustic materials will warm up the space. 

How can this trend impact your sleep? According to Martin Seeley, the CEO of MattressNextDay, "From the guitars to the pre-loved furniture, this trend focuses heavily on nostalgia. However, what you may not know is that nostalgia has been proven to be an effective sleep aid, which means those with the Downtown Girl aesthetic are more likely to get a good night’s rest every night.

"Many studies have shown that memories that evoke a positive emotional response help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than those that don’t. So if you want to improve your sleep quality, try looking through your nostalgic items before bedtime. Or if the aesthetic isn't to your taste, think of nostalgic memories before bed. It should also have a positive effect."

2. Cyberpunk

What is the trend? The cyberpunk bedroom trend is all about creating an edgy space that evokes a futuristic feel while still being functional and cosy. It's not just about decorating with cool gadgets and tech accessories — it's also about making your bedroom a place to unwind after a long day.

How much has the trend grown? 700%

How to create the trend at home: Martin Seeley said, "The colour palette for this trend is dark and moody, but also bright and colourful at times. Most of the time, it's dominated by blacks, blues, greys and purples.

"To make your room feel more futuristic, use materials like metal and glass. If you want to give it an industrial feeling, then using wood works well too because it gives off warmth while still keeping things modern at the same time."

Interior design specialist, Nicola Rodriguez, added "You can also apply wall art to your room as well as a gaming chair. These can also be in the form of bean bags, pedestals, L-shaped seats that go straight on the floor or swivel chairs. The good thing is a lot of these are specifically designed to help with your posture, making it easier to switch off after a long day."

She also suggested the likes of a “gaming desk, smart lighting - strip lighting and smart bulbs, speakers, gaming headsets, gaming storage and gaming beds. These include not only the bed but also storage, a TV stand and space for multiple consoles.”

How can this trend impact your sleep? While the likes of bold colours and bright lights are on trend, it’s important to understand how they could impact your sleep. 

Martin states that “As the night goes on, you should slowly start to dim your lights and turn your electronics off so that you aren’t exposed to the blue light emitted from your devices for the final two hours up until bedtime. This is because it can impact your internal body clock, known as your circadian rhythm, which signals to your brain when to be alert and when to rest. It’s, therefore, important to have that break between downtime and bedtime so that your brain knows when it’s time to go to sleep at the appropriate time.”

3. Cool Nature

What is the trend? The calming tones bedroom trend is a decorating style that uses soft colours and natural materials to create a soothing environment. This trend is especially useful for those with insomnia, as it can help you fall asleep faster and get better sleep overall. The use of natural materials in a calming bedroom also has the added benefit of being good for your health.

How much has the trend grown? ‘Neutral bedroom decor’ searches are up by 100%, along with ‘minimalist bedroom’ (50%) and ‘Earthy bedroom’ (10%). 

How to create the trend at home: Martin said, “choose organic fabrics. The best way to create the Cool Nature trend is by using organic fabrics. This includes things like bamboo cotton sheets, organic cotton duvet covers and even wool blankets. These types of materials will give your bedroom a more relaxed feel, which is exactly what this type of design wants to achieve.

“You should also use earthy colous so that everything matches and looks cohesive together. You can choose from warm browns or yellows, or even greys if you prefer something cooler looking. Just make sure that all the pieces fit together well and don't clash with each other too much!

“Finally, wood accents such as wooden furniture pieces work well with this kind of design because they add warmth and texture without being too overpowering or distracting from the rest of your room's decorating scheme.”

How can this trend impact your sleep? Martin said, "The calming tones bedroom trend can be used in any room in your house, but it's especially beneficial in bedrooms. When we're sleeping, our bodies go through a series of changes that help us relax and fall asleep faster. Many people find that their mind races when they're trying to fall asleep — this can make it difficult to relax enough to sleep comfortably. Therefore, soft colours and natural materials help reduce stress levels and relax your mind so that it's easier to drift off into slumberland.

"In addition, keeping your space minimalist and free of ‘clutter’ can improve your sleep quality. A study discovered that a tidy, clean room can actually result in fewer sleep-related problems, which could be another reason to embrace this trend."

Interior therapy expert, Suzanne Roynon, agrees, saying “a calming scheme which gives breathing space without a jumble of clutter or stimulation is ideal for insomniacs and people with busy minds.”

4. Dark Romance

What is the trend? The dark romance bedroom trend is all about creating an intimate space that evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue. It’s about creating a space where you can escape from reality and enjoy the company of your partner or loved one. Essentially, the trend focuses on making everything feel soft, warm and sensual.

How much has the trend grown? Searches for ‘romantic dark bedroom ideas’ and ‘moody bedrooms’ have risen by 100% and 90% respectively. 

How to create the trend at home: Interiors therapy experts, Suzanne Roynon, says you should exercise caution when looking at this trend.In Feng Shui, these very dark colours enhance water energy and with this can come emotional mood swings. This is a stunning space for a couple of romantic nights in a hotel, but when used long-term in a home, you may experience tears, tantrums and overwhelm which put pressure on the occupants. Although it’s great to go to sleep in a very dark room, waking up to it may feel oppressive, so use these deep colours with caution.”

How can this trend impact your sleep? Martin said, “People who sleep in rooms with softer lighting tend to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than those who don’t have access to soft lighting. And people who sleep in rooms with darker colours tend to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than those who don’t have access to darker colours. The reason behind these findings? Darker colours promote relaxation, which leads to better sleeping patterns overall.”

If you are wondering what colour to paint your bedroom, wonder no more - we can reveal the top five colours! 

Image displaying five bedrooms featuring the five suspected bedroom colour trends of 2023.

1. Sage Green

Sage green is a beautiful, earthy and calming colour. It can help you feel relaxed and peaceful in your bedroom, which is why it's a great colour for this room. It’s also a great tone to use if you're looking to add some warmth to your room without being too warm. 

How much has the trend grown: Searches for ‘sage green and grey bedroom’ have risen by 900%, ‘deep green bedrooms’ by 500%, ‘moody green bedroom’ by 70% and ‘sage green bedroom’ by a further 30%.

Is the colour sleep-friendly? Martin said, “Yes, sage is a great colour to use when you want something that is calming and relaxing. The colour is often used in meditation rooms and yoga studios. It's also a popular colour for spa treatments as it's believed to help reduce anxiety and stress levels. This makes sage green a great choice for your bedroom if you want to relax at night before bedtime.”

How to compliment the colour with furnishings: Martin said, “Sage green is a very dominant colour, so it's best to use it sparingly throughout the room. Accent walls are an excellent choice for this purpose because they allow you to highlight certain areas without overwhelming the space. 

“However, you should still be cautious about how much accent wall space you use and how many different colours you use at once. If your room has two accent walls, don't use them both for different shades of sage or else it will be too busy!

“Sage green has cool undertones, which means that it will look best with warm colours like yellows and oranges rather than pale pinks or blues. The colours should complement each other well; for example, if you have yellow accents in your room (such as throw pillows), then choose an accent wall colour that also has yellow undertones so that they blend together nicely instead of clashing.

“You should also pick out complementary patterns and prints for curtains, rugs and other decor items. You can find many different patterns and prints that will complement the shade of sage green without overpowering it. Consider adding flowers or leaves into your pattern choices so they match the tone of the walls perfectly!”

2. Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is a deep shade of red that is midway between orange and brown. While it can be used in all areas of the home, it appears that it’s going to be the second biggest paint colour trend in the bedroom in 2023.

How much has the trend grown: References for ‘burnt orange bedroom ideas’ have increased by 30% in the past year on Pinterest. 

Is the colour sleep-friendly? Martin said, “Bright colours like orange can actually increase your fight or flight instinct, which makes you more alert which is not what you need when trying to unwind at night. This type of colour also promotes energy. So, while we aren’t saying don’t use this colour in your bedroom, it’s best to only paint an accent wall.”

How to compliment the colour with furnishings: Martin said, “This warm shade is perfect for winter nights when you want to snuggle under blankets or cuddle up with your significant other. And since it's so warm, it can help keep the chill off when you're relaxing inside on cool summer nights.

“Burnt orange is also good for creating an elegant look in your bedroom. It works well with black, white and grey — which most people use for their bedding — because it adds contrast to these neutral colours without overpowering them completely. If you have red accents in your room already (such as throw pillows or curtains), then it's even better!”

3. Gold

The colour gold is associated with wealth, success and luxury. It's a warm hue that promotes feelings of luxury and indulgence.

How much has the trend grown: Spikes of 20% for both ‘emerald and gold bedroom’ and ‘cream and gold bedroom’. 

Is the colour sleep-friendly? Martin said, “Gold walls are a popular color choice for bedrooms because they have been said to promote good sleep. In fact, some people believe that gold is an effective cure for insomnia. This is because the colour is associated with wealth and prosperity and, therefore, brings a sense of calmness. However, unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that gold walls will improve your sleep quality. So, instead, you should only choose this paint colour if you like it as opposed to its health properties.”

How to compliment the colour with furnishings: Martin said, “The USP of painting your walls gold is that it’s highly reflective and will bounce light back into the room, making it appear brighter and more spacious than it actually is. This makes it a good choice for small rooms where you might want to make them feel bigger than they are.

“The bright colour also creates an inviting atmosphere, which makes it perfect for bedrooms where you want your guests or family members to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to sleep well at night.

“The one downfall is that it may seem tricky to find the right accessories to complement gold walls. However, I would recommend using darker wood tones or furniture. Wood tones such as walnut or oak will add contrast to the room and help balance out the brightness of the gold wall. Darker furniture also makes a room feel more cosy and welcoming – perfect for a bedroom!

“If you want to use more colourful accessories, choose items with muted tones like cream or white instead of bright shades of blue or green. These will have less impact on the overall look of your room than brighter colours would have.

“And finally, you should choose a neutral colour for your bedding. If your bedding is bright or patterned, it will make the gold look tacky. Instead, choose light or dark grey sheets and pillows. If you're feeling daring, try black or white sheets — these colours also work well with gold walls.”

4. Greige

Greige is a colour that is just as it sounds, a mix of grey and beige. It’s a great colour for bedrooms because it gives the room an airy feel – something that's always appreciated in spaces where you spend a lot of time. 

How much has the trend grown: The ‘greige’ colour trend featured on a TikTok video for 2023 styles, boasting 103,000 views. Likewise, searches for ‘grey and cream bedroom’ have risen again by 5%. 

Is the colour sleep-friendly? Martin said, “For an optimal sleep environment, neutral colours can provide a very calming effect. Take beige - or greige, in this instance. This type of colour can limit distraction and create balance in your bedroom, meaning it has the potential to influence your sleep. As the colour is so light, it balances well with the brighter colour trends, meaning you can dabble in different colours without compromising your sleep.”

Suzanne Roynon, an interior expert, also agrees, “We’re really happy to see this trend lifting a lighter, more neutral base with bursts of colour suited to the energy of the room as this is guaranteed to improve the quality of the time you spend there.”

How to compliment the colour with furnishings: Martin said, “Greige is often used as an accent colour because it can be easily incorporated into other decorative elements. For example, if you're looking for an update on your bedding or window treatments, greiges can complement these items beautifully.

“It also works well with all types of furniture because it blends so well with other colours. If you have wood furniture, you can use greige to create contrast between the two materials; if you have metal furniture, greiges will blend seamlessly with these materials.

“If you're looking for ways to incorporate greige into your home decorating project, consider using it as an accent wall or painting some furniture pieces like tables or chairs that way; this will give them an old-world charm that goes well with the overall theme of the room.

“Alternatively, it’s a great colour to use in a small bedroom because it's not overpowering. As with any other colour, though, you should test out a few different greiges before deciding on one for your room.”

5. Raspberry Blush

Raspberry blush is a warm, dusty pink colour that looks great in bedrooms. Raspberry blush is a warm pink colour that has hints of red and orange in it. The colour was originally created by mixing light reds with violet. This gives it its brownish, dusty appearance.

How much has the trend grown: According to a TikTok video boasting more than 63,000 views and growing, raspberry is going to make a bright addition to our bedrooms. 

Is the colour sleep-friendly? Martin said, “Raspberry blush can be used in any room of the house but it's especially good for bedrooms because it brings warmth and comfort into your space, making it easy for you to unwind after a long day. It also creates an inviting atmosphere in your room that makes you want to spend time there. This is because pink is known to promote relaxation and reduces stress levels which makes it easier to get a good night's sleep.”

How to compliment the colour with furnishings: Suzanne Roynon, an interior therapy expert said, This will be beautiful in a bedroom which needs vibrant Fire energy in 2023. Remember Fire needs to be carefully balanced to avoid burnout. Add in the rich reds a little at a time, and if sleep is compromised or you start to feel angry for no good reason, reduce the high energy colours to regain your equilibrium,” So, start small with accessories such as bedding, throws and accent chairs.

Beige walls are the least likely to be big in 2023

According to searches analysed, ‘beige bedroom’ references have dropped by 8% in the past year, suggesting that the infamous colour is on its way out. 

Martin said, “Whilst it can’t be known for certain, my guess is that homeowners are choosing to sway away from beige walls because they’ve been popular for so long that it’s time to move on. People have been choosing beige for a while because it’s easy, but that’s also part of the problem - it can look boring and bland. This is especially the case when paired with too much white. It also doesn't provide much contrast for other colours or patterns in a room — unless you're using another shade of beige (which would look pretty similar)”

“What many people don’t know is that this kind of colour can also make a room look smaller than it really is. Instead, I’d opt for greige as you can be a lot more playful with this colour.”

Accent walls can not only add a bold touch of design to your bedroom, but they can make the space seem larger. Read on to discover the top five bedroom accents for 2023…

Image displaying four bedrooms with wall accents according to the four suspected wall accent trends of 2023.

1. Vertical Wood Panelling

What is the trend? Vertical wood panelling is made up of thin pieces of wood that are arranged vertically on a wall. The arrangement creates a three-dimensional effect that adds depth to a room. The panels can be arranged in any pattern you like, making them perfect for creating unique designs that express your personal style.

The three-dimensional effect created by vertical wood panelling helps give rooms depth and texture, which makes them more interesting to look at. This effect can make spaces feel more spacious as well as giving them an airy feel. Vertical wood panelling is also very easy on the eye because it doesn't create shadows or block out light like other types of panelling do.

How much has the trend grown? Searches for ‘vertical wood accent walls’ have increased by 700% this year.

How to create the trend at home: As you can buy vertical wood panels for around £30, it’s little surprise this budget-friendly trend is becoming popular. 

Interior design specialist, Nicola Rodriguez, says that “panelling has become one of the top interior trends for this year and is set to stay. This look can be achieved by either cheating with a 3D wallpaper or having a lot of MDF battening and a great glue gun with a spirit level. You also need to remove your skirting boards too and think of where your light/electrical points are too. It should be noted that nailing the panelling to the wall is a better method than glueing if you intend to ever change it as it’s less damage.”

2. Panelling Wallpaper

What is the trend? Panelling wallpaper is a type of wall covering that imitates the look of wooden panelling. It can be used to cover an entire wall or just a small section.

Panelling wallpaper is popular because it's easy to apply, comes in a range of designs and colours, and it's inexpensive.

How much has the trend grown? Searched spiking by 200%.

How to create the trend at home: Martin said, “Panelling wallpaper is available in an array of styles, including traditional wood panelling, herringbone and chevron designs. It can also be chosen to match your existing decor, such as marble or stone slabs or even brickwork.

“When you're choosing your new panelling wallpaper, you'll need to decide whether you want vertical or horizontal "planks." There are also many different styles of panelling wallpaper available — from classic Georgian style to modern Scandinavian designs.

“Finally, it’s perfect for creating a feature wall in your bedroom, especially smaller ones where you want to make a statement without taking up too much space.”

3. Preppy Wallpaper

What is the trend? There are many different styles of preppy wallpaper out there today. You'll find traditional patterns like damask or gingham as well as floral prints like roses or lilies, as well as flamingos, peacocks and even swirls.

How much has the trend grown? Preppy wallpaper - which focuses on bright, quirky patterns - has seen a rise in searches by 20%.

How to create the trend at home: Martin said, “Most preppy wallpapers feature neutral colours such as white, grey or ivory along with light greens, blues and pinks for accent colours. However, some designers have created styles with bolder shades such as reds or oranges that make them more modern than traditional preppy styles but still keep with the overall concept behind this type of wallpaper design.

“That being said, distracting wallpaper on every wall can significantly impact you when trying to sleep. So, if you do choose this wallpaper, opt for colours that have cool tones - such as blue - as they are seen as more restful. 

“In addition, you should look at nature-themed prints. The preppy style isn't as much about stripes or polka dots as it is about patterns inspired by nature. Look for prints that have an ocean vibe or other natural elements such as leaves or flowers. These will create a calming effect in the bedroom.

“I’d also recommend choosing simple patterns over busy ones. The preppy style is all about keeping things simple, so don't go overboard with busy patterns. Instead, opt for simpler designs that have a vintage vibe, such as those featuring sailboats or lighthouses.

“And finally, I’d only add the wallpaper to one feature wall. This goes back to keeping things simple — if there are too many patterns or colours going at once, it will look too busy and keep you awake at night.”

4. Arches

What is the trend? The painted arch trend is a new way to decorate your home. The look is inspired by architectural details, like arches and doorways, that have been painted in bold colours and patterns.

The painted arch trend is popular because it's easy to do at home and helps turn an otherwise boring space into something more exciting. It's also an affordable way to add colour to your home without breaking the bank on expensive paint, which is incredibly important in a cost-of-living crisis.

How much has the trend grown? According to a TikTok video with 46,400 views, arches are still a hot trend for the next year. 

How to create the trend at home: Martin said, “If you're looking for new ways to decorate your home, then this trend is perfect for you. Here are some ways to create it at home:

“Paint an entire wall in one colour — You can choose any colour you like, but remember that lighter colours will make your space look bigger while darker colours will make it look smaller. The best colours for this trend are soft pastels or neutrals like grey or white because they complement almost any colour scheme.

“Paint half an arch — You don't have to go all out with this trend; just painting half an arch is enough! This creates a nice focal point in any room without taking up too much space in your home. To create this look on your own, simply use painter's tape or masking tape to create a line where you want your arch to be. Then, paint over it with the colour of your choice and let dry completely before removing the tape.”

We’ve analysed trend data from both TikTok and Pinterest to share the furnishings people are already using to transform their bedrooms over the next year.

Image displaying the four bedroom furnishing trends of 2023 in bedroom settings.

1. Poster Prints

What is the trend? Part of the Downtown Girl bedroom trend, this type of trend is very popular on TikTok, and has a nostalgic feel to it, particularly with the focus on vintage-style posters. 

How much has the trend grown? Searches for ‘poster prints wall bedroom’ have risen by 1,000%.

Why does this trend work for the bedroom? Martin said, “Poster prints are looking to be trendy again in 2023 because they can give your bedroom a personal touch, whilst on a budget. At a time when people may not be able to redecorate their whole room, this simple addition to a wall can show off your personality. 

“They are also great for adding colour to your bedroom because they come in so many different sizes, shapes and colours. If you want something bright and colourful, there are plenty of options available.

“Another reason why poster prints are likely to be popular in 2023 is that they are easy to hang up on the wall, and can be applied without damaging your walls with nails or other extreme DIY efforts.”

Suzanne Roynon, an interior therapy expert, agrees that poster prints can be excellent for your space but you should choose wisely. “In Interiors Therapy, we recognise the subconscious impact of everything we keep in the home and that includes art and prints on the wall. Choose your poster prints carefully to inspire you and enhance the energy of your space. What you have on your wall often mirrors what’s going on in your life!”

2. Carpets

What is the trend? Carpets are a great way to add colour and texture to your bedroom, whilst making it feel more welcoming and comfortable.

How much has the trend grown? Martin said, “One of the main reasons that this trend has grown in popularity is due to Mrs Hinch. She renovated her new home in 2022, and regularly Instagram posts and stories on her new bedroom carpet. In response, searches for ‘Mrs Hinch carpet’ have increased by a staggering 191% in the past year, with her carpet styles even selling out!

Why does this trend work for the bedroom? Martin said, “The number one reason why you should have carpets in your bedroom is that it can reduce the amount of noise in your room. This means that you will be able to sleep soundly through the night without being disturbed by other noises.

“Carpets also provide insulation for your room, which means that it will be warmer inside during winter or cooler during summer. This can help you save money on heating or cooling bills, plus it will also make sure that you don’t get any health problems caused by extreme temperatures.

“They also give off a sense of luxury and comfort. They make the room feel cozy and intimate by adding warmth to the room. Carpets can also play a role in helping you sleep better at night by blocking out sound from outside and reducing noise from inside the house.

If you have kids who frequently run around on bare feet, it's also good to have carpet in your bedroom, as it will help protect their feet from getting injured if they happen to trip over something or stub a toe while running around in the dark!

3. Dark Wood Furniture

What is the trend? This type of furniture will add warmth and elegance to your romantic bedroom (which we’ve uncovered as a key trend for 2023). 

How much has the trend grown? Dark wood bedroom furniture searches have risen by 500%! 

Why does this trend work for the bedroom? Martin said, “Dark furniture works in the bedroom because it's a place that is often used for sleeping and relaxing. The dark color helps you to relax and get a good night's sleep by blocking out any outside light that might be coming through your windows. This can help you feel less like you're being bothered by the outside world and more like you are in your own private sanctuary.

“Dark wood furniture is easier to maintain than lighter wood. Not only are they are easier to clean than lighter ones, but they don't show scratches as much. They also don't stain easily either (provided that you take proper care of them). Once stained, darker woods tend to stay that way longer than lighter ones do when exposed to sunlight and moisture over time too!

“Finally, it can help you set a mood. Darker furniture can be used to create a more intimate setting in your bedroom. If you're looking for privacy, you may choose black or brown wood, which will absorb light from lamps and other light sources. This can work well if you don't want others to see what you're doing in your bedroom at night.

“If you are looking to save money, you could scour the likes of Marketplace and eBay for vintage wooden furniture that can be repurposed with the likes of new handles, for instance.”

4. Over-the-bed Decor

What is the trend? This type of furniture will add warmth and elegance to your romantic bedroom (which we’ve uncovered as a key trend for 2023). 

How much has the trend grown? ‘Over the bed wall decor’ references have spiked by 50%, with searches for ‘built-in wardrobe above the bed’ increasing by 8%. 

Why does this trend work for the bedroom? Interior design specialist, Nicola, recommends this type of furnishing for storage. “Over-the-bed decor is an amazing addition to include if you need to optimise space in a bedroom. Research has also shown that having fitted bedroom furniture can potentially add value to your home.”

It’s clear that more space is important, particularly if fitted wardrobes would make your bedroom appear tight. Moving the wardrobes above the bed not only makes a feature of the bed, but you can use the additional floor space for furniture that you might not be able to fit in otherwise. 

And, according to Martin, “Making a feature of your bed can improve your sex life. If you put focus on the bed in your room and make it a place where you and your partner only focus on each other - remove phones and other distractions - then you can encourage intimacy. This is particularly important if you have busy schedules and don’t spend as much time together as you would like - make the bed that place. Not only will you feel closer but the endorphins you release will actually help you sleep better.” 

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