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How To Create The Perfect Maximalist Bedroom In 5 Easy Steps

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To the untrained eye, Maximalism might seem like a big old mess, making clutter seem cool. But, one man’s trash is another’s treasure, and maximalist bedroom ideas have been taking off on TikTok (...and we’re BIG fans).

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Gone are the days of Clean Girl minimalist bedrooms, with their white walls and simple muted colours. If you’re a die hard fan of that casually elegant aesthetic, we suggest you look away now, as we’re about to start talking colour clashes, mixed prints and bold textures.

What is maximalism?

Speaking to Vogue, renowned interior designer Keren Richter described maximalism as ‘more is more’, mentioning ‘layered patterning, highly saturated colours … and a real sense of playfulness and bold gestures’.

Maximalism is, as you would imagine, the complete opposite of minimalism. But, it’s not just a case of haphazardly throwing a bunch of ‘stuff’ together and hoping something sticks - the art of maximalism can be hard to master.

To produce a maximalist bedroom that really works, you should start off small and build up (and up and up!). There are no rules to maximalism, and it’s the perfect way to let your personality shine through your home’s aesthetic. But, you shouldn’t confuse maximalism with clutter-core, where you call your untidy bedroom an 'aesthetic'...

Creating a maximalist haven can seem daunting at first - where do you even begin?! We’ve put together these five tips for creating the perfect maximalist bedroom - once you’ve executed these steps, you’ll be far more confident at adding and redesigning to your personal taste.

A maximalist bedroom wall covered in framed prints and artwork. A blue sofa with a dog sitting on it is in front of the wall.

5 Steps To Creating The Perfect Maximalist Bedroom

1. Consider colour theory and choose a palette to work from

You might think that maximalism doesn’t care for colour theory - you can just put whatever colours you want next to each other. While that can be true, we’d recommend starting out by considering the colour wheel and looking for complementary colours. Once you’ve mastered a general colour palette for your room, you can start throwing splashes of other colours into the mix.

For example, choose a bold colour (that’s what maximalism is about!) like a bright orange, and think about what colours work well with that. An orange statement wall will be complemented by greens and dark blues, for example.

You can also consider using different shades of the same colour. Start with burnt orange walls, and add some varying shades of orange furniture, with some brown and pink accessories. Expert maximalists will begin to clash colours, so you can start to add some reds in too. This will make your room seem arty and eclectic, ‘randomly’ thrown together but somehow works.

The key to maximalism is to cut through consistent colours with opposing hues, so you don’t end up with a colour ‘theme’. If you start to notice all of your furnishings are the same tone, add some opposite colours to the mix - use a colour theory wheel to make the best choice.

Image of paint and colour cards layed out to demonstrate the colour theory wheel.

2. Clash patterns - but not too many

Patterns are when you can really start clashing. You know those rules like not wearing spots and stripes together? Forget them. In 2023, we’re clashing patterns in both our outfits and our home decor.

Embracing pattern clashing can be hard - it’s everything we’ve been taught not to do. We’d recommend starting with a simple pattern, such as a striped wallpaper of two or three colours, and layering it with some floral upholstered furniture.

However, don’t opt for too many patterns at once, or you’ll end up with a headache. Combining two patterns is already brave and bold, so don’t get ahead of yourself, else your bedroom won’t look so tasteful.

3. Create an indoor jungle with patterned plants

Plants are a maximalist bedroom’s best friend. They’re a super easy way to add different textures, shapes and colours into your room. If you’re a fan of plants already, creating an ‘indoor jungle’ is going to elevate your bedroom to an arty sanctuary.

Consider plants with patterns on their leaves, such as a Prayer Plant or Chinese Evergreen. Adding lots of these plants can help with pattern clashing, and are great if you want to create a bohemian maximalist bedroom.

Offering a boho vibe, plants create a calming atmosphere, while complementing any colour or pattern choices you’ve made so far. A big Monstera plant is common in a lot of maximalist spaces, and their big leaves add another element of ‘organised chaos’.

House plants add an extra layer of depth and texture to your bedroom that help it come alive (literally). Depending on what type of plants you opt for, they can create a bold statement piece - a big Polka Dot Begonia, for example, will add an eye-catching element to your maximalist bedroom. Houseplants can come in all kinds of exciting patterns and colours!

If you’re not into houseplants, or just can’t seem to keep them alive (we know the feeling) then there’s no shame in adding some artificial plants instead. Some fake vines draped across your ceiling, above your door frame or around your wardrobe will look super maximalist.

Image of a home interior with lots of houseplants and some prints on the wall in a maximalist style.

4. Jump on the maximalist wall gallery trend

Framed prints are one of the most common decor choices for maximalist bedrooms. Forget print sets or even matching frames - to create the maximalist wall galleries that have been all over TikTok, the key is to find the most vibrant prints and artwork that really speak to your personality.

Don’t think you need to keep your frames at a certain level on the wall, either. Maximalism is all about breaking the rules, so hang your prints from the skirting boards right up to the ceiling.

Choose art and frames of different shapes and sizes, and use your tetris skills to fit them all stylishly on your wall. You don’t have to choose the wall with the most space - you can arrange your prints and art around your furniture, fitting them in any gaps. Remember, there are no rules to maximalism, just let your personality shine through!

Prints with slogans or even neon signs work really well, and add a further layer to your room. Maximalism is all about visuals, so having writing on your walls is going to add another dimension to that visual effect.

Maximalist wall gallery of various prints and artwork on a white wall.

5. Create a cosy vibe that will balance out the chaos

The essential part of any bedroom, from minimalist to maximalist, is comfort. Making your room look comforting is even more important for maximalist bedrooms, however, as with all the bold colours, clashing patterns and textures, you want to be able to feel relaxed and calm, even when your decor isn’t.

Plush seating, soft fabrics and a comfy bed will make the room feel more liveable, rather than a cluttered mess. The accessories and decor you use to make your room maximalist should be carefully chosen pieces, not just a hoard of items you’ve labelled as maximalism because you’re untidy (trust us, we tried that).

Practical and clever storage options like a divan bed with drawers or an ottoman lift style bed will help, plus we have them available in colourful upholstery in lush fabric that will fit right in with your maximalist bedroom. The perfect bed and mattress is essential, especially if you plan on rotting away in it all day - read our post about TikTok's Bed Rotting trend if you need more info on that.

Scatter cushions are great for adding pops of colour or pattern to your room, but also consider big fluffy pillows that will keep you physically cosy too. Throws are a key staple of maximalist bedrooms, so try layering a couple on top of your bed - bonus points if they clash!

Finding the sweet spot between artful excitement and a relaxing space is vital for creating the perfect maximalist bedroom. Some things that work for a maximalist living room or kitchen won’t always be appropriate for your bedroom, so ensure that everything you add helps you create a sleep sanctuary geared for a good night’s rest.

Headache-inducing colours and patterns aren’t going to ease you off to sleep, and while bold bright colours are a staple of maximalism, you can opt for more muted tones and create pops of colour with accessories instead.

If you need even more advice on creating your perfect bedroom, take a look at our post on the biggest bedroom decor trends of 2023 - you'll find the treding colours for this year, as well as some other styles of interior design if maximalism isn't your thing!

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