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Sleep Science

Sealy Unveils The Secrets Of A Good Night’s Sleep: science-based Strategies For Optimal Slumber

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Some of us find it a lot harder than others to get a proper night's sleep. At MattressNextDay, we're dedicated to offering the latest and most effective tips and advice for getting the best night's sleep, so we've acquired the help of the sleep experts at Sealy.

Working in conjunction with Orthopaedic surgeons and scientists, Sealy know what's needed for a good night's sleep. They've shared with us exactly what the body needs for proper rest, and how their Posturepedic range can help.

Lifestyle image of Sealy posturepedic mattress on an elegant light pink divan base with headboard.

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital: it improves brain performance, concentration, mood and overall physical and mental health. By improving your sleep, you wake up feeling physically rested, mentally refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead.

So, just like you prioritise your diet and physical activity, it’s time to give sleep the attention it deserves. There’s nothing worse than climbing into bed and feeling restless, uncomfortable and unable to drift off. But, the sleep properties within your mattress may have more to do with how you sleep than you may think. That’s where we - the number one bed brand and experts in sleep, Sealy UK - can lend a hand.

Pioneering research and collaboration with experts

Backed by leading scientific research, Sealy has been making mattresses for decades, informed by research from The International Orthopaedic Advisory Board (OAB). The OAB is made up of experts in spinal health, from Orthopaedic surgeons, biomechanical engineers, and medical scientists.

Through this research, Sealy has developed their unique spring systems to provide correct support during rest. To prevent backache and muscular tension, a mattress should maintain the body’s natural alignment to achieve a restful night's sleep.

Their latest collection, Sealy Posturepedic, was built on this core principle and is bursting with unique and patented technology to deliver a superior night’s sleep - focusing on genuine support, true comfort, and dependable durability.

With a research-led approach, Sealy’s sleep team conduct their very own scientific research, component testing, and sleep technology trials, to the overall examination of the mattress’s performance; carried out in their one-of-a-kind global research centre. Sealy continuously invests in their research to develop new patent sleep technologies and mattresses, so that Sealy sleepers can benefit from unbroken sleep, on high-quality durable mattresses.  

So, what scientifically backed strategies can get you waking up on the right side of the bed?

Doctor with a patient, pointing to a sculpture of a spine.

The key to correct sleep posture

Regardless of your sleep position, whether you prefer sleeping on your side, back or front, the way your spine is aligned is imperative to achieve unbroken sleep. The correct spinal posture is when your hips and shoulders are aligned and keep your spine straight, yet relaxed, to offer genuine support.

Sealy's famous AlignSupport® coils encourage skeletal symmetry. They do this by providing initial pressure relief, as well as deep-down support that comes from the very heart of the coil. This evenly distributes your body weight, meaning the whole body and spine can stay relaxed and supported throughout the night.

Image of a person laying on their side on a mattress, demonstrating spinal alignment.

Minimise disturbance, maximise space

It is no secret the impact that getting quality sleep has on your health, and as much as you might not like to admit it, sharing the bed with a partner can sometimes disrupt this. Whether it’s limited space or restless movement, it’s not uncommon for sleep quality to suffer when sleeping with a partner. 

With a Sealy Posturepedic mattress, there is no need to compromise on your sleep, the range brings unrivalled structure to every point around the mattress with Unicased® edge support. You and your partner can both benefit from a larger usable sleep surface that eliminates the feeling of rolling off. That’s not all, it prevents deformation and lateral movement as your mattress gets older.

Pressure point relief

Ever woken up feeling sore or achy? it is most likely down to your mattress. A mattress that’s too hard, soft, worn out or simply poor quality, can aggravate pressure points, which are the spots on your body where you feel the most pressure when lying down.

Good for your back, and good for your sleep health, the Sealy Posturepedic range includes an extra layer of foam to support the lower spine when asleep on the back, and pressure relief for the hip bone when asleep on the side.

Sealy calls this ComfortCore, and includes this foam in all mattresses in its premium Posturepedic range. Also assisting in preventing wear and tear, this extra layer increases the durability of your mattress, as well as the time spent asleep.

Why Posturepedic? 

Sleep plays a crucial role in promoting overall health and well-being. It is an essential process that allows our bodies and minds to rest, recharge, and recover from daily activities, so we wake up rejuvenated. For both physical and mental health benefits, investing in the right mattress is worth it.

By choosing Sealy, you can head to bed assured that your mattress has been designed with the support of a team of leading spinal experts that understand the importance of posture and alignment more than anyone.

With patented technology, unique crafting and clever design, these mattresses ensure true comfort, genuine support and dependable durability. Every Sealy Posturepedic mattress is made to be trustworthy, resilient, and durable - night after night… year after restful year. With confidence in our products, the Posturepedic range boasts a 7-year guarantee for peace of mind.

An image of the author, Jamie Latham, Sleep and Technology Expert Jamie Latham, Sleep and Technology Expert Bio & articles

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