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2 Drawer Divan Beds

Divan beds are the UK’s most popular style of bed, and it’s easy to see why. Compact and stylish, with convenient underbed storage, a luxury divan bed base is perfect for any bedroom.

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How to choose the best 2 Drawer Divan Beds

What Are 2-Drawer Divan Beds

Fitting a divan base into a small bedroom can be a struggle, without accounting for bedside tables and cabinets. A 2 storage drawer divan bed solves the problem for you.

The main benefit of having 2 drawers on your divan bed is retaining superb storage without eating up too much space in the room. Featuring 2 drawers either side of the foot of the bed, a double drawer divan maximises storage space while leaving room for bedside furniture.

The ultimate storage solution for anyone looking to keep their floor space clear, divan bed bases with drawers have the depth to store anything, from sheets and linen to toys in a kid’s room.

Coming in two pieces for ease of assembly, our divan bed and mattress sets are as convenient as they are comfortable. Anyone can set up our 2 drawer divan bases, and they come in a wide range of sizes which can be applied to any bedroom.

Divans with 2 drawer storage come in stylish designs and offer easy access to your stored items, ideal for creating a fashionable centrepiece which doubles up as a secure storage space.

Not all divans come with headboards. If you need to add a fashionable and luxurious divan headboard, then look no further than our showstopping range.

Do All Divan Beds Have Drawers?

The storage bed of choice for many, divan bed sets typically come with underbed drawers as standard. As well as 2 drawer divans, we also offer 4-drawer divan bed bases and divans with continental drawers.

These storage divan base designs are well-suited to larger areas with more bedside breathing space. Drawers aren’t the be all and end all when it comes to divan bed bases, however. There are also divans without drawers available.

Ottoman divans are a great option for those looking for maximum storage opportunities in a narrow room. Ottomans are lift up divan bed frames which feature gas struts or pistons to raise the base overhead, revealing a deep hidden storage compartment.

All set for storage space but still want the compact comfort of fabric divan beds? There are even divan bases without storage on offer. Our no drawer divan bed frames have been manufactured to the same premium standards, minus the drawers.

Modern divan beds are sought after due to their versatility, coming with or without drawers to suit all requirements.

Is a 2-Drawer Divan Bed Suitable For My Room?

There are no limits on the design possibilities afforded by a divan base with storage, although a 2 drawer divan base and mattress set is better suited to a room which requires leeway around bedside.

Suitable for everything from box rooms to master bedrooms, divan storage beds with 2 drawers come in classy designs which complement existing interior designs. The main thing to consider when choosing a divan is the size of your room.

A king size divan with storage will only achieve the desired visual effect in a room that can handle its extended size. Similarly, studio divan bases can look a little isolated in a master bedroom.

There are multiple divan bed sizes available to suit all requirements. Once you’ve accurately measured your room, you’ll be equipped to find the right divan size for you.

What 2 Drawer Divan Bed Sizes Are There?

With accurate measurements at hand, it’s a case of matching them up to the size of the divan. Our extensive size range is on hand to kit out every bedroom in your house with the very best divans with 2 drawer storage functionalities.

A small single divan is adequate for spare rooms, home offices and more, providing comfort to any solo sleeper. Single divan beds with storage are also well-suited to children’s rooms, collecting the chaos of playtime in the underbed storage.

A cheap double divan bed is ideal for couples or an individual who likes to stretch their legs in bed. For saving space in a standard sized bedroom, our double divan beds with storage are available in numerous stylish designs, including blue divan beds.

Those nodding off in master bedrooms can enjoy the luxury of a king or super king divan, snoozing soundly within a lavish and elegant sleeping space.

Can You Buy A Divan Bed Without A Mattress?

While classic divans comprise of a bed frame with a mattress included, it is possible to buy a 2 drawer divan without a mattress. We offer divan sets with mattresses or divan bed bases only.

As divan bed bases are narrower than traditional bed frames, the base size is equal to that of the mattress. Our extensive range of mattresses makes it incredibly easy to find the best option for your 2-drawer storage bed base.

From memory foam mattresses to specialist orthopaedic mattresses for back problems, a restful night’s sleep is only a click away.

How Long Do Divan Bases Last?

A high-quality bed is an investment. Comfortable, uninterrupted sleep is important, and a bed you can rely on is key to maximising your resting time.

Divan bed bases are exceptionally sturdy and reliable, made from wooden struts which are covered in fabric.

On average, a classic divan base will last for around a decade with the right amount of care. Their cost-effective and long-lasting design makes 2-drawer divans a dream bed for many.

Shop Our Cheap 2 Drawer Divan Beds

From 2 drawer king divan bed bases to a small single divan with storage, our range of upholstered divan beds with 2 storage drawers is as comprehensive as they come. Expertly designed to improve quality of sleep and night-time comfort, the entirety of our divan with drawers selection comes in a variety of sizes suitable for all rooms.

With kids’ divans and queen size divan beds available, our divan bed bases are perfect for giving all members of the family a good night’s sleep.  Each cheap divan bed with 2 drawer storage comes with a minimum warranty of 12 months and has been made in the UK. For fast and reliable delivery on your brand new 2 drawer divan, put your faith in MattressNextDay.