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Best Mattresses For Couples

Find the perfect mattress to suit you and your partner with help from our experts.

Studies suggest that as many as 70% of us share a bed with a significant other. As such, finding a suitable sleeping surface is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep. But what exactly is the best mattress for couples?

They say opposites attract, although conflicting ideas of comfort can cause some issues when it comes to picking mattresses. While a soft, plush mattress may be just the ticket for you, your partner may not agree.

Instead, you’ll need to consider a wide range of factors including differing weights and sleeping positions. This guide sets out to provide a cheat sheet for couples looking for the mattress of their dreams – so read on to find yours!

Couple hugging on a bed.

How to choose a mattress for couples

There’s a lot to consider when buying a mattress as a couple. With two sets of needs and sleeping patterns to contend with, hitting a happy middle ground can be difficult. After all, a couple with the same sleep preferences is a rarity. Identifying how you can solve both sets of preferences will allow you and your partner to wake up suitably refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Here are some factors to bear in mind when searching for the best mattress for couples.

Consider schedules and sleeping patterns

Is your partner often tip-toeing into bed after a night shift? It’s common for couples to operate on different clocks, and as such, you’ll need a mattress that will cause minimal disturbance. 

If your sleeping patterns don’t align, opt for a sturdy mattress with little bounce. By having a mattress which remains firm and in position as your partner crawls into bed, you won’t be shuddered awake before your alarm.

Pocket spring mattresses are great for minimising disruption to your partner, as the individual springs move independently of one another when pressure is applied, rather than moving the whole bed.

Motion isolation

Similarly, you’ll want a mattress with motion isolation when sleeping with a partner. Mattress technology has focused a lot on motion transfer and rolling together in recent years, dulling the impact felt across the mattress when one partner moves around. This is particularly helpful for those who sleep with a fidgety partner. 

Memory foam mattresses are among the best mattresses for couples who toss and turn, absorbing the impact of movement, and leaving those already asleep firmly in the land of nod.

Temperature control

Overheating at night can cause irritation which disrupts your sleep quality. Plus, sleeping as a couple accumulates extra body heat, making the mattress hotter, especially if you like to cuddle at night. If one or more of you are prone to becoming overly warm during the night, consider a cooling mattress which keeps air flowing through and regulates temperature. Latex and natural mattresses are known to disperse heat and feature breathable qualities.


Weight is another key consideration, particularly if you’re after mattresses for couples of different sizes. If there’s a significant difference in weight, it may put more pressure on one side of the bed, which is why it’s so important to find the best mattress for different weight couples.

Weight limits are also important to consider. There’s typically a mattress weight limit of around 600 pounds, although this can be more on larger beds. So, if you’re looking for a mattress for heavy couples, be sure to check the limit beforehand or read our guide to the best mattresses for heavy people. Firm mattresses are a good idea if you're both on the heavier side, as you'll feel the supportive benefits of the bed rather than sinking in too much.

Noise control

When sleeping with a partner, noise can be a big disturbance. The right mattress can help dull the noise caused by movements during the night. Memory foam mattresses are particularly adept at remaining silent during the night, due to their isolation of motion and deep absorption. Latex mattresses are also good for noise control while maintaining a springy bounce; whereas sprung mattresses should be avoided if you’re looking to reduce noise.

There are a few reasons you may wish to reduce the noise your mattress makes at night, and not just to keep your partner asleep while you toss and turn. Read our guide to the best mattresses for sex, where we go over everything you need to consider when purchasing a mattress you intend to get, uh, romantic on.

The best mattress for couples who like different firmness

Desired firmness levels, rated from soft to extra firm, can be a sore subject between couples who have different ideas on what makes for a comfortable mattress. The right mattress firmness can depend on factors such as weight and sleeping position, and if couples lie on different sides of the spectrum on these issues, their firmness requirements are likely to be equally conflicting. Relationships are all about compromise, and many partners opt for a middle ground between their optimal comfort levels, choosing medium or medium-firm mattresses.

The best mattresses for different-weight couples

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s very common for couples to have different body types to each other. If one partner is significantly taller or heavier than the other, look for a highly versatile mattress. Hybrid mattresses are a good example and can cater to a variety of different body types. As they’re designed with a combination of sprung and foam-based layers, they provide comfort and support which can be applied to all body types.

Mattresses for sleeping as a couple while pregnant

Pregnancy is a magical time in any couple’s life, although it can make sleeping difficult. Luckily, the right mattress can help. During the latter months of pregnancy, pressure relief becomes incredibly important, as switching positions is difficult. The best mattresses for pregnancy typically prevent rolling together, combatting the extra weight to ensure both partners can sleep peacefully.

Pocket-sprung mattresses and open coil variations are ideal for couples sleeping together during pregnancy. This is due to the overall support and pressure relief they provide. Memory foam will likely cause discomfort, particularly if you need to get up and down during the night, as you may feel stuck in the mattress. If you’re used to memory foam, latex can provide similar responsiveness, while offering the necessary support.

Happy couple on a new mattress.

What size mattress is best for couples?

Finding the right mattress or bed size depends on how much room you need to sleep comfortably, making the best mattress for couples a subjective one. This is particularly important when sleeping with a partner, as you need to ensure two people have adequate space to stretch and switch sleeping positions comfortably. A 4ft queen-size mattress or even a double bed mattress is typically the minimum size for couples. When opting for this slightly smaller size, keep an eye out for mattresses with robust edge support, as this will maximise the sleeping area and cater to those who sleep close to the edge of the bed.

King-size mattresses are optimal for sleeping with a partner, with many new couples upgrading to a 5ft bed. If you sleep in a bedroom with sufficient width, super king mattresses are another top option for couples, offering plenty of room for lounging in bed on a lazy Sunday. This size is also ideal for those with large families, providing space for the kids (or four-legged friends) to join.

Innovative mattress-in-a-box designs are great for couples, as you can easily carry it up the stairs and have it ready to sleep on ASAP. Don't worry about lugging a king-size mattress up to your room and arguing about taking the wallpaper off - no matter what size you choose, a rolled-up mattress will make things so much easier.

Bedding and pillows for couples

If you’re buying a new mattress as a couple, it’s also a good idea to freshen up your bedding and pillows. As is the case with mattress comfort, pillows for couples can be customised to your preferences. After all, while you share a mattress, your pillow is just for you. They can be tailored to the needs of each individual, coming in different levels of firmness to provide all the support your neck needs for pain-free sleep – you can find the right ones for you with our pillow buying guide.

Mattress toppers are also popular among couples, providing an additional layer of comfort to create a sumptuous sleeping surface that appeals to both partners. If you’re struggling to get onto the same page with your mattress’s firmness or temperature regulation, adding an extra comfort layer can help hit a middle ground and transform your mattress, providing a buffer between you and the base.

So, whether you’ve been looking for the best mattress for couples who toss and turn, like different firmnesses, or are different shapes and sizes, hopefully, our guide has helped you to find the perfect one for your bed.

If you're moving in together for the first time, it's a good idea to get a fresh bed set-up that suits both of you, to avoid any disagreements about whose mattress to use. Browse our huge range of mattresses and beds, or take our handy MattressFinder™ quiz to help you both sleep better.

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