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How To Choose A Reflex Foam Mattress

What is a Reflex foam mattress? Plus the best ones based on your budget and sleeping style.

Have you tried to get on with a memory foam mattress, but found that it just doesn’t give you the support you want? Do you love that soft, snuggly feeling of a foam mattress but need something a bit more responsive? Similar to the more commonly used memory foam, but with a few subtle differences, here’s a quick guide on Reflex Foam mattresses.

What is a reflex foam mattress?

Reflex foam is high-density polyurethane foam. The structure is denser than memory foam, so it can provide a much firmer feel. If you see a mattress made from Reflex foam, you know it’s specifically crafted from this denser type of foam, rather than a lower-quality variation.

Because the foam is made up of millions of tiny holes, it adapts to any weight placed on its surface. Once that weight is removed, it bounces back to its previous shape. So, in a way, it’s like memory foam in that it regains its shape and quite literally ‘bounces back’. The air bubbles within Reflex foam are larger than memory foam, so it can provide faster pressure relief by moulding to your body quicker.

Reflex foam mattresses usually incorporate a layer of this specific type of foam, combined with other layers or even a sprung core to create a hybrid mattress.

7 benefits of a Reflex foam mattress?

  1. It’s firmer than memory foam – If you find memory foam a little soft but still like the ‘cradled’ feel of a foam mattress, Reflex foam may be a good alternative. If you’re larger than average, it may provide you with more support than a memory foam option.
  2. It’s cheaper – Memory foam mattresses can be expensive, whereas Reflex foam is more affordable. This makes it a practical and budget-friendly option.
  3. It’s naturally hypoallergenic – The foam is an inhospitable environment for mites, dust, allergens and dirt. It’s ideal for those who have allergies or who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma.
  4. It comes boxed and rolled – These mattresses generally come boxed and rolled so they’re easy to position in your bedroom without worrying about squeezing a full-size mattress up those stairs!
  5. Minimal movement transference – Like most foam mattresses, Reflex eliminates movement transference. So even if you move around at night, you won’t disturb your partner.
  6. Ideal for front and side sleepers – The firmer feel makes it perfect for those who like to sleep on their front, or for those looking for the best mattresses for side sleepers.
  7. Keeps your spine aligned – To eliminate pressure points and avoid aches and pains, you need to keep your spine in the ‘neutral’ position. Reflex foam adapts to your body shape. It cradles you and provides support along the length of your spine so you achieve that neutrality.

Reflex foam vs memory foam: which should you choose?

Now reflex foam sounds awfully similar to memory foam, but realistically, which is better: reflex foam or memory foam? This will depend on your personal preferences, including:

  • What position you sleep in – Memory foam is softer so is perfect for side sleepers or those who prefer to 'sink in' to their bed. Reflex foam is denser and firmer, making it suitable for front and side sleepers who like extra support.
  • Your size – If you’re lighter, Reflex foam may feel a little too firm. So if you’re smaller than average, memory foam will be more suitable. However, if you’re larger or heavier than average, it will give you greater support and be more comfortable in the long run.
  • Your budget – Reflex foam is generally cheaper than memory foam, making it a budget-friendly option.
  • If you want orthopaedic support – The firmer option is perfect if you want a firm mattress to alleviate back problems. The way the foam supports and cushions your body eliminates pressure points along the spine, neck and shoulders, keeping your spine in a neutral position.
  • If you want a foam mattress for a bunk bed – Because Reflex foam mattresses do not necessarily need a sprung core for support, they can be thinner and therefore more suitable for bunk beds.

What are the best Reflex foam mattresses?

More mattresses are coming onto the market all the time as people realise just how versatile (and comfortable!) it is. Here is our pick of the best Reflex foam mattresses.

1. Coolflex Essentials™ Foam Mattress

Using a specially engineered Reflex Foam called ProReact™ Support Foam, the Coolflex Essentials™ Foam Mattress offers incredible support with a firm feel - ideal for those with back pain who are looking for an orthopaedic option. This Reflex foam mattress is lightweight, posture-controlling and has a removable AirFlo™ cover that enhances the breathability of the mattress. It's also one of the best options if you're looking for a cheap Reflex foam mattress, as it starts at just under £150. Plus it comes rolled and boxed - what's not to love?!

The Coolflex essentials foam mattress on a grey divan with modern white decor and the mattress box next to it.

2. Sleepeezee G3 Memory Pocket 3200 Mattress

Proving that Reflex foam mattresses can be soft, the Sleepeezee G3 Memory Pocket 3200 Mattress combines soft tension pocket springs and body-moulding cooling memory foam with a layer of Reflex foam for ultimate comfort and support. One of the best luxury mattresses on the market, it is full to the brim with innovative sleep technology from leading manufacturers, Sleepeezee, to offer you night after night of restful, rejuvenating sleep.

The G3 mattress from Sleepeezee on a black divan bed with modern decor.

3. SleepSoul Comfort 800 Pocket Mattress

With a medium feel, the SleepSoul Comfort 800 Pocket Mattress is perfect for all types of sleeping positions, and if you like to change positions in the night. Combining pocket springs with a deep Reflex foam layer, this mattress is able to both support your pressure points, and ensure you don't disturb your partner as you turn, as it's able to dissipate movement evenly. No roll together technology also ensures you stay on your side of the bed, without accidentally rolling towards the centre. This is the best Reflex foam mattress for couples!

Image of the Sleepsoul comfort mattress on a black low metal bed frame with the mattress box to the side.

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