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Reflex Foam Mattresses

If you're looking for the best possible night's sleep, you simply have to try one of our reflex foam mattresses. Made with sumptuous memory foam, they are designed to be both fantastically comfortable and supportive.

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Helpful guides & tips for reflex foam mattresses

If you're looking for the best possible night's sleep, you simply have to try one of our reflex foam mattresses. Made with sumptuous memory foam, they are designed to be both fantastically comfortable and supportive. The key to a good night's sleep is the right support, but no two bodies are the same. We all sleep differently, and we all have completely different pressure points in our back, hips, knees, and other joints. That means finding the right mattress for you can be difficult. This is where reflex foam comes in, however, because it's designed to mould itself around your body. It takes into account the way you sleep and then settles in shape to give you the right level of support you need to get a restful night's sleep.

If you're interested in a reflex foam mattress, you'll find the perfect one for you at MattressNextDay. We have a broad selection in stock to suit all bed sizes and budgets. The only way to truly know how good a reflex foam mattress is, however, is to try one for yourself. Browse our extensive range today, and find the mattress that will have you starting every morning fresh and fully rested.

What is a reflex foam mattress?

Reflex Foam is a high-density polyurethane foam that’s extensively used in mattress construction. It’s particularly good for orthopaedic mattresses, as the dense nature of the foam provides more support than softer materials. Although it’s a very dense material, the air bubbles within the structure of the foam are larger. So rather than forcing the air out of the mattress under pressure, Reflex Foam pushes the air bubbles ‘sideways’ so that they pop back into position faster. The result is a highly responsive mattress with a firmer feel. 

The benefits of reflex foam mattresses

That firmer feel makes Reflex Foam far more suitable for orthopaedic mattresses, and is particularly useful for those who need a firmer mattress for spinal issues. Reflex Foam is incorporated primarily into single-sided mattresses so there is no need to flip and turn. It’s hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. But the biggest selling point is that it’s a cheaper alternative to Memory Foam, making it a more affordable option for budget mattresses. 

Reflex foam vs memory foam

The biggest difference between a Reflex Foam mattress and a Memory Foam mattress is that you don’t get the same level of compression. Whereas getting onto a Memory Foam mattress can sometimes give you a ‘sinking feeling’ as the foam moulds to your body shape, Reflex Foam is firmer, providing greater levels of support. Both have the same levels of bounce-back and regain their original shape at around the same speeds. Memory Foam is more expensive than Reflex Foam.  

Reflex foam or spring?

Reflex Foam is often incorporated into hybrid mattresses (those that use both spring and foam layers), giving you the best of both worlds. Spring coil mattresses mainly use individually pocketed spring designs that prevent the transference of movement across the sleeping platform. They provide excellent levels of support, but as they age they can begin to develop dips and lumps that can aggravate back problems. Reflex Foam mattresses are lighter, and also often come rolled and boxed so that they’re easier to move compared to a traditional spring mattress. 

How do I choose a mattress?

Take into consideration a number of factors when choosing a mattress, including:

  • The size of the bed 
  • Your size and weight 
  • Whether you prefer the feel of a sprung mattress or a foam option 
  • The ease of moving the mattress into position (foam mattresses mainly come boxed and rolled for easy transport) 
  • Whether you suffer from hot flushes at night and need a cooler mattress – sprung mattresses allow greater airflow and are generally cooler to sleep on         
  • Your budget 
  • Maintenance – single-sided mattresses do not need to be flipped regularly and are easier to maintain.