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Relaxsan Mattresses

The Relaxsan mattress is an investment for people's personal long-term health and well-being and today, more than 30 million people around the world are enjoying the benefits of one of the Relaxan mattress range. 

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How to choose the best Relaxsan mattresses

If you've purchased a Relaxsan mattress or you're considering purchasing one, you may have some unanswered questions. For more details about Relaxsan mattresses, which are always part of our lowest price promise, read our most frequently asked questions below.

Who makes Relaxsan mattresses?

Relaxsan is a brand of mattress produced by Alessanderx Spa, a company headquartered in Prato, Italy.

What is the history of Relaxsan mattresses?

Relaxsan mattresses date back to the 1960s, when an entrepreneurial mattress maker, Giuliano Magni, began making mattresses in his home in Prato, Italy. The business soon grew and expanded, in the 1980s patenting the modern 'vacuum-packing' method of storing and shipping mattresses, and today Alessanderx Spa produces 10,000 Relaxsan mattresses every day.

Where are Relaxsan mattresses made?

All Relaxsan mattresses are made in Italy, and the company is proud of the quality and craftsmanship that goes into making each mattress. Alessanderx Spa is today one of the biggest producers of high-quality mattresses in Europe.

Are Relaxsan mattresses environmentally friendly?

Yes! Relaxsan mattresses are all created with environmental responsibility in mind, and safeguarding the earth's natural resources is now an integral part of the brand's policy. All the materials used in Relaxsan manufacturing process are recyclable, and the mattresses contain non-toxic materials which are biodegradable.

Where are Relaxsan mattressess available?

Relaxsan mattresses are shipped to 98 countries worldwide, including Japan, Spain, Germany, Russia, the US, and Canada. The company is also present at major International Trade Shows and Interiors Fairs worldwide, including Shanghai, Singapore, High Point, Mosca, Kyiv, Dubai, Valencia, Birmingham, and Milan. Relaxsan today is truly an international brand.

Are Relaxsan mattresses certified?

Relaxsan mattresses are certified with the Oeko-Tex

Standard 100 regulations. This means that Relaxsan mattresses meet current regulations regarding hygiene, health, and the environment. The materials used in the production of Relaxsan mattresses fully respond to European ecological standards and do not represent any risk to human health or the environment. The company is also certified by the International AJA and UKAS Agency in line with the strict UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulation, which verifies compliance to strict quality standards during production.

Are Relaxsan mattresses breathable?

All Relaxsan mattresses use an open-cell foam structure which ensures the mattress is breathable and air can flow freely. If breathability is important to you, look for Relaxsan mattresses which feature the patented Airyform airflow channelling structure, which enhances breathability even further. Breathable mattresses are better for people with allergies, as the increased airflow circulation stops bacteria and dust mite growth.

Are Relaxsan mattresses hygienic?

Yes, Relaxsan mattresses are easy to keep clean and have been built with good sleep hygiene in mind. All fabrics used in Relaxsan mattresses are sanitised, which improves hygiene and helps to prevent the growth of mould and other bacteria. The mattresses also have superior airflow circulation, which aids in the prevention of dust mites and bacteria growth.

Are Relaxsan mattresses good for people with back problems?

Relaxsan mattresses are built to support all kinds of body types, including people who regularly suffer from backache or other back problems. Relaxsan mattresses follow the contour of your body, without applying any extra pressure to any particular part of the body; this helps in achieving a more supportive and restful sleep. Many Relaxsan mattresses are orthopaedic, meaning they're specifically designed to support the joints, back, and body during sleep.

Do I need a soft or a firm mattress?

Mattresses are very important for spine health. A good mattress will hold your body in a neutral position, which means your spine will be held in its natural shape, with a slight curve. Relaxsan orthopaedic mattresses are built with this anatomical design in mind, though precisely how firm or soft a mattress should be will depend very much on a person's physiology and preference. Firm mattresses, in general, can improve oxygen intake when sleeping and soft mattresses are often preferred by people with painful back problems.

How long should a Relaxsan mattress last?

A good mattress, well looked after, can last a long time. Most Relaxsan mattresses come with a warranty of at least six years, but with care these high quality mattresses can last over a decade. It's usually advised to change a mattress after around 15 years to ensure optimum support, though Relaxsan mattresses can and often do outlast this figure.

How often should a mattress be turned?

The general advice is to turn mattresses once every six months to ensure both sides of a mattress get equal use; this can increase a mattress's life span considerably. However, some mattresses are 'no turn', often meaning they are not symmetrical and should only be used one way up, so it's important to check first whether your Relaxsan mattress needs turning.

How do I keep my Relaxsan mattress clean?

The easiest way to keep your mattress clean is by using a mattress protector, which will sit between the mattress and the bed sheet to provide an extra layer of protection. You can also air your mattress out for a few hours by leaving the sheets off when you change them, and if stains or spills occur, try to clean them up with warm water as soon as possible. Do not use chemicals on your Relaxsan mattress without testing a small amount of the chemical on a patch of the mattress first.

Do Relaxsan offer pillows and accessories?

Yes! As well as mattresses, Relaxsan also produces a range of pillows and accessories, such as travel cushions, also designed for maximum orthopaedic support and anatomical health.