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Men’s Bedroom Ideas To Upgrade Your ‘boy Room’

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Started dating a guy and discovered he’s still got New York-themed bedding? Or maybe you yourself, as a man, are worried your bedroom is ticking off too many boxes in the ‘boy room’ TikTok trend? With the press recently discussing why adult men still ‘live like teenagers’, we’re here to give you our men's bedroom ideas and tips, so you can easily transform your bedroom from a ‘boy room’ to an ‘actual adult man’s room’. The next date you invite over will thank us.

Dirty, unmade bed with old, yellow pillow.

What qualifies as a ‘boy room’?

Comedian and TikToker Rachel Coster has dedicated herself to investigating boy’s bedrooms, in the hopes of uncovering the mystery of why they choose to live… like that. Spoiler: they’re usually messy (and we mean messy), feature unwashed bedding, and quite often have no bed frame, with just a mattress on the floor. Shudder.

In her podcast, Rachel suggests that women would be far more stigmatised for having messy bedrooms, whereas guys get away with it being ‘funny’. Maybe it’s the freedom of living independently, without their mum telling them to clean their room (or doing it for them), and with no girlfriend to encourage them to start folding their clothes and putting them away. We’re not trying to be mean - one guy on Rachel’s channel admitted to simply ‘having a good idea’ of what clothes were clean or dirty in the pile on his floor.

So, if you’re seeing some similarities between your bedroom and the rooms you see on @boy.room on TikTok, we’ve put together some super simple men's bedroom ideas and tips to help you start living like a mature adult man, rather than a perpetual Uni student.

Easy men's bedroom ideas

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already on your way to making some changes to your current bedroom. Of course, there are some obvious things you should be doing, like putting your clothes away properly and washing your bedsheets, but here are a few tips that you might not realise are important when creating the perfect men’s bedroom.

You need an actual bedframe

There are more reasons than just aesthetics to invest in a decent bed frame. Placing your mattress on the floor prevents it from being able to support your body properly, especially if it’s a pocket spring or hybrid model. Mattress springs need an appropriate surface to properly ‘absorb’ the pressure from your body, enabling them to target their support to your body parts. If you place a foam mattress on the floor, it won’t be able to contour your body as effectively, and will much more likely start to compress.

The other big issue with placing your mattress directly on the floor is air circulation. Mattresses and beds need constant airflow in order to reduce bacteria growth and wick away excess moisture, like sweat. If you restrict air flowing through your mattress, you’ll end up with huge amounts of bacteria and even mold in your sleeping area.

Our guides on How To Buy a New Bed, The Best Bed Bases For Memory Foam Mattresses, and Mattresses For Slatted Bed Frames will help you figure out which base is best for your mattress. We’ve got plenty of frames on offer, including ottoman storage beds which will also help you tidy up - a win-win!

We’d recommend a metal or wooden bed frame, as they’re easy to wipe clean and allow for maximum air circulation. They also easily fit into any aesthetic, and can be quite minimalist, which gives a sophisticated vibe we think is best for men’s bedrooms and counteracts the ‘goofy boy’s room’ nicely.

Stick to a minimalist aesthetic

A minimalist aesthetic is the easiest one to manage, so we’d recommend this if you’re not looking to put too much effort into your bedroom. The key thing about minimalism, however, is that it’s clean and tidy, so make sure you nail that first.

The exact opposite of maximalism, a minimalist bedroom is all about ‘less is more’. The best men’s bedroom idea has to be sticking to one colour paired with white, like blue and white or black and white. This makes it super easy to keep everything looking clean and fresh, without the cluttered muddle of too many colours or textures.

Keep your walls white and add hints of colour through your furniture, bed sheets, or accessories. If you really want to impress a date, consider a throw or decorative cushion, but don’t overdo it to the point your bed looks messy.

You’ll find most men’s bedroom accessories are either blue, black or green, so you won’t struggle to find things that fit this idea. Plants are also a great idea for adding a bit of life into your room, and they can help to purify the air and keep the whole place fresh.

Showcase your interests stylishly

A shelf of football trophies, lego builds or Star Wars figurines might’ve impressed your mates back in the day, but they don’t scream ‘sophisticated man’. Of course, it’s your room - you should decorate it with what brings you peace and joy, but there’s no harm in considering these items’ aesthetic value.

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate your hobbies and interests into your space without it feeling cluttered or overbearing. For example, try framing your sports shirts or jerseys and hanging them stylishly above your bed. If you’ve got shirts from different eras of your sporting life, they could look really good when neatly presented on your wall in a frame.

Consider a clear-out of old gadgets and gizmos you no longer use or collected as a teenager - you’re in a new stage of your life and you should make room for what serves you now. Keep your favourite items and think about how you can showcase them stylishly, keeping to a minimalist aesthetic.

Another men's bedroom idea is if you’re a fan of a certain TV show or film franchise, have a look online for contemporary prints that you can hang up - often you’ll find some that are subtle enough to be aesthetically pleasing while still letting anyone who comes over know you’re a fan.

The key thing to remember is that your bedroom will have a big influence on how you feel about yourself - if you’re still living as a teenager, you’ll probably act like one too, so consider maturing your personal space if you want to mature emotionally.

Man sitting on bed sorting through old sports clothes.

Invest in supportive, breathable bedding

Just like your mattress, your bedding needs to breathe too. This helps it stay fresh and comfortable and stops bacteria from growing which can be seriously detrimental to your health.

The dreaded ‘boy pillow’ has been all over TikTok, with girls showing their followers their boyfriend’s flat, lifeless pillow that’s usually a very much off-white colour under the pillow case. A pillow is an essential part of your bed set-up - almost as important as your mattress. Your pillow must support your head and neck properly to avoid neck pain or even more serious injury, which can occur if you aren’t getting the right support every single night.

Depending on how you sleep, your pillow will need to be a certain thickness. For example, side sleepers will benefit from a firm, memory foam pillow, as this will help keep your neck and shoulders in line with your spine. Back sleepers do need a thinner pillow, however, it should be nice and soft to let your head sink in to keep your whole body aligned. Our Pillow Buying Guide will help you choose the best pillow.

One thing that Rachel’s videos show is that boys don’t tend to wash their bed sheets as much as they should (once a week). If you don’t think you’ll get around to stripping your bed this often, then you definitely need to invest in breathable, hypoallergenic sheets. These will keep your bed fresh and clean in between washes, and help to prevent bacteria buildup. Don’t go too long without washing your bedding though, as dust mites and allergens will soon make a home in your sheets.

Why is sleep hygiene important?

Taking care of your personal space is essential for a healthier lifestyle. Not only are there physical health elements, like reducing dust and bacteria by keeping on top of cleaning, but it’s also important for your mental health.

Your ‘sleep hygiene’ - your bedtime habits and sleeping environment - has a huge impact on your quality of sleep, as well as how you feel when you wake up. Your bedroom is the first environment you’ll be in when you wake up in the morning, so having a clean, tidy space will help you feel confident and on the ball all day. A messy room where you can’t find anything and end up in creased clothing will just make you feel lousy for the rest of the day.

So whether you’re in your twenties and just got your own place, or are a thirty-something guy who wants to make some lifestyle changes - follow these men's bedroom ideas and prevent falling victim to a ‘boy bedroom’ - or ending up on Rachel’s TikTok!

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