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How Do Orthopaedic Mattresses Help You?

How Do Orthopaedic Mattresses Help You?

We spend a lot of our lives in bed, so making sure that time is spent in comfort is very important. You don’t want to be sleeping on a mattress that’s damaging your back and neck, and if you’re in pain throughout the night, you’re not getting a wink of sleep.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to get a bit of extra support from an orthopaedic mattress. Here’s a few perks to getting one of these medically researched mattresses.

Instant Pain Relief

Depending on how you sleep, your body may be pressured at certain muscles, resulting in aches and pains throughout the night and during the day following. Bone and muscle pain is a leading cause of sleep deprivation, so getting this issue fixed with an orthopaedic mattress is essential.

These mattresses are designed to alleviate the joint and muscle pain that results from a soft, poorly designed mattress. The material supports your body, preventing any excess pressure being placed on affected areas.

You can get ortho mattresses in a range of materials, including memory foam, pocket spring, and natural. Each has its benefits. For example, memory foam orthopaedic mattresses help to contour the body and can further benefit your muscles, bones and posture.

Evenly Distributed Weight

Orthopaedic mattresses are often firm which allows your weight to be evenly distributed across the mattress, preventing any dips in certain parts of the body. This is incredibly beneficial for back and front sleepers who’s neck and hips often suffer as a result of the positioning.

As these mattresses are designed based on the research of disorders and deformities, they’re working to support each and every angle of your body. This helps to keep the body straight and prevents it from contorting in an uncomfortable manner.

If you find your hips sinking or your neck is at a steep angle, a ortho mattress could be the best route to take to ensure you don’t damage your posture and experience pain during your hours of relaxation.

Spinal Support and Posture Alignment

The spine is affected a lot by the way you sleep. Even with side positions your spine can become crooked and damaged, resulting in poor posture and later-life back problems. Because of the supportive and balancing design, ortho mattresses offer, your spine can be corrected and any future problems can be minimalised.

In the case of side sleepers, although an ortho mattress will aid your positioning and effectively manage your pressure points, you might need a pillow in between your legs. This is because, when your legs are together in the side position, your spine is out of alignment. Through the medical benefits of the mattress and the support from the pillow, your spine will remain perfect for years to come.

Enhance the Experience with the Perfect Pillow

A good mattress and a good pillow go hand-in-hand. Even with a good ortho mattress, your neck and upper spine can still be influenced by the pillow you’re using. For peak comfort and pain prevention, opting for a firmer cushion could be the route to take.

A firm pillow is a great way to keep your neck fixed in a single safe position throughout the night. Check our collection of firm pillows here, there’s something for everyone.

Take Back Control of Your Comfort

Taking influence from the study of orthopaedics and through rigorous studies in the medical profession, orthopaedic mattress are the ultimate solution to soothing nighty pain, evenly supporting your body, and correctly aligning your spine.

Ortho mattresses are your best shot at guaranteeing your get a good night’s sleep and be pain-free the following morning.

We have a wide range of orthopaedic mattresses to suit the needs of any individuals, regardless of the sleeping position they favour. Have a browse through and choose one that meets your requirements.

Author: Lucy

Lucy is a copywriter, trend spotter, and our resident sleep expert! Lucie has been with the team since 2018 and her articles cover a sweeping array of subjects from general product care, the latest bedroom design trends, ways to promote healthier sleep and jargon-busting explanations to help you understand what goes into our products. Do you have questions for Lucy & the team? Call one of our sleep experts today!