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Pocket Sprung Mattresses

If you fall asleep on your side of the bed every night but find yourself uncomfortably slumped against your partner in the middle of the bed when you wake up, you may want to consider investing in a pocket sprung mattress.


What is a pocket sprung mattress?

Do you fall asleep on your side of the bed each night yet when you wake up, you find yourself in the middle of the bed uncomfortably slumped against your partner? It’s time to consider investing in a pocket sprung mattress.

Engineered to prevent ‘roll together’, each spring in this kind of mattress, which is also known as a pocket spring mattress, works independently to support your individual weight and contour to your shape. A lack of sagging means no more battles for space in bed and an end to the aches, pains and stiffness that can be associated with an unsupportive mattress.

At MattressNextDay, we offer a wide variety of mattresses and in our range of pocket sprung mattresses you’re sure to find the ideal model for you and enjoy the rest you need every night without fuss. With spring counts of between 800 and 4000, depths of between 10cm and 31cm, sizes between small single and 6ft zip and linked, and tensions between soft and firm, no matter what your preferences are, finding a mattress that’s perfect for you should be refreshingly simple.

We cater to a broad range of budgets. Whether you’re looking for cheap pocket sprung mattresses or you’re in the market for sumptuous, high-end designs, we can help.

Many of our pocket spring models boast useful features too, such as heat regulation and memory support technology. If you’re after a bargain, we offer free delivery on orders over £150.

What is the difference between standard sprung and pocket sprung mattresses?

The key difference between a standard and pocket sprung mattress is the way the springs are put together. A standard sprung mattress, also known as an open coil mattress consists of an interconnected spring system. This means that the springs all move together as one and provide a degree of contouring support. Whereas the springs in a pocket sprung mattress are sewn into individual fabric pockets. This means that, unlike open coil springs, pocket springs move independently. Helping the mattress to follow and support the contours of the body no matter how you move.

Both styles of mattresses are great for different reasons. For instance, standard sprung mattresses tend to be more affordable. Allowing you to have comfort on a budget. They also tend to have more 'give' than a pocket sprung mattress so if you prefer a spongy mattress, open coil mattresses are perfect.

Pocket sprung mattresses are on the firmer side and will outlast a standard sprung mattress since the springs are more resistant. They're also ideal for couples sharing a bed. Since the springs move independently, you can move freely without worrying about disturbing the other person. Avoiding that 'roll-together' feeling.

Do you have any sales on pocket sprung mattresses?

Since we are an online retailer, we are able to offer the best prices on our pocket sprung mattresses year-round. With that said, we, of course, run regular promotions dependent on the time of year to bring you further savings on your favourite brands. To stay updated with these sales, you can always sign up to our mailing list or check back to our sale page.

We guarantee the best prices online for pocket sprung mattresses and offer a price match guarantee for your peace of mind. So, if you find a mattress we stock cheaper elsewhere. Feel free to contact one of our sleep experts to discuss a further discount.

How many springs are there in a pocket sprung mattress?

Typically, the number of springs in a pocket sprung mattress vary from 1000 - 3000 springs. The amount per mattress will depend on the brand and size of the mattress. For example, all spring counts are based on a king size mattress so the actual spring count of the same model will vary in a pocket sprung single mattress or super king mattress. Although proportionately, the spring count remains the same. As a rule of thumb, anything less than 1000 springs is a low-quality mattress and anything above depends on your comfort preferences. The more springs in a pocket sprung mattress, the firmer the mattress will be.

Should I go for a pocket sprung or memory foam mattress?

Ultimately, it all comes down to your comfort preferences. But there are a few things to factor in when deciding which one to go for. Memory foam mattresses tend to be softer in feel and provide more of a 'sinking' feeling. Whereas pocket sprung mattresses are generally more supportive and have an overall bouncier feeling. Both mattresses are very supportive and perfect for couples since they have little movement, meaning you avoid that 'roll-together' feeling.

Temperature is another thing to factor in when deciding between the two. If you tend to get hot throughout the night, memory foam might not be the best option for you. Memory foam absorbs heat and retains it, which can lead to an uncomfortable nights sleep for some. Whereas pocket sprung mattresses have excellent airflow and do not retain heat in the same way that memory foam does.

If you suffer from back soreness and muscle aches, pocket sprung mattresses can sometimes be a bit too firm. Memory foam mattresses help to alleviate the pressure points of the body. This means you get the support you need where you need it as opposed to all over your spine which can sometimes worsen back problems. 

Both mattresses are great for different reasons. It all comes down to personal preference and what will suit your sleep needs best. If you'd like to discuss further what mattress is best for you, feel free to contact one of our sleep experts - they will be happy to help.

What is the best pocket sprung mattress?

A pocket spring mattress provides a high level of support thanks to its construction from springs which are individually encased in cotton pockets. The number of springs in the mattress can vary enormously, but the majority will have a pocket spring count between 1,000 and 2,000 springs, with some as high as 3,600. This figure refers to the number of springs in the king size version of that mattress. A pocket sprung single mattress will have proportionately fewer springs, while a superking will have more. As a general guide, it is a case of the higher the spring count, the better quality the mattress.

The best pocket sprung mattress will have a high spring count, good mattress edge support and will be handmade. In a good quality mattress, the cases are stitched together. Inferior quality sprung mattresses may have glued, rather than stitched, pockets. This construction will avoid choosing a mattress with glued pockets. For the ultimate in premium craftsmanship, choose a mattress with spring pockets made from calico, and vanadium plated springs, which are both designed to reduce the build-up of heat.

Is a pocket sprung mattress good for back pain?

A pocket sprung mattress is often recommended for people who suffer from back pain. This type of mattress offers more support than an open coil mattress, where the movement of the coils is interconnected. An open coil mattress is cheaper, but you are more likely to be affected by the movements of your partner and to experience the feeling of rolling towards each other. The need to compensate for the inclination to roll together can itself be a factor in causing back problems.

With its encased coil design, a pocket sprung mattress gives you a more even level of firmness and support. Whereas open coils sink and memory foam shapes itself around your pressure points, a pocket sprung mattress offers more even distribution of weight. The individually encased springs of a pocket sprung mattress mean that movements from your sleeping partner will not directly impact your side of the mattress, so you are less likely to be disturbed during the night.

If you like the combination of a firm mattress with a softer top layer, a pillow top pocket sprung mattress could be just what you need. This type of mattress gives you the support you need with the added comfort of a soft layer on top – often an ideal solution for those with back problems. Some pocket sprung mattresses have a memory foam upper layer. The pocket sprung memory foam mattress is ideal if you cannot decide between the advantages of each type.

Another factor to consider is the gauge or thickness of the springs. Thicker springs generally result in a firmer mattress. If you suffer from back pain and find a firmer mattress helps to alleviate it, look for a mattress with a high spring gauge.

What mattresses are used in 5-star hotels?

Luxury hotels need to provide the perfect sleep experience for their customers, who expect only the best. They are more likely to opt for pocket sprung mattresses because of the superior level of evenly distributed support. Some top hotels go so far as to offer their customers a choice of mattresses, based on a firmness rating.

Since many hotel rooms are kept rather warm, the cooler properties of pocket springs can make it easier for customers to get a refreshing night’s sleep without overheating. Another advantage of the pocket sprung mattress is that it is very durable, so it can more easily survive the wear and tear of use by hotel customers.

Is a pocket sprung mattress better than memory foam?

One of the differences between pocket sprung mattresses and memory foam is how they react when they are not under pressure. The pocket sprung mattress restores its shape using the strength of the coils. Springs move independently of one another, so those with no direct weight on them are not compressed.

By contrast, the memory foam mattress is designed to adapt to the shape of the sleeper. The memory foam is heat responsive. As the foam becomes warm, it is more flexible and moulds itself around the person sleeping. The foam retains heat, so if you have a tendency to feel hot at night, you may find that a foam mattress is not ideal for you. The design of a spring mattress means that it generally stays cooler than a foam mattress, so is more suitable for you if you find you overheat at night. However, if you do opt for a memory foam mattress, look for one which incorporates airflow technology to help cool the mattress down.

A handmade pocket sprung mattress will give you a superior quality sleep experience. But no matter what type of mattress you choose - pocket sprung, open coil mattress or memory foam, it is important to remember to replace your mattress at least every eight years. That way, you can be sure you are giving your back the comfort and support it deserves. Treat your back to a new pocket sprung mattress today. Our free 24-hour delivery service means you’re just one sleep away from a restful night on your new mattress.

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