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Helpful Guides & Tips for Zip And Link Mattresses

For ultimate flexibility, Zip and Link mattresses are a dream. Whether you’re looking for an adaptable solution for a hotel or guest house, you and your partner have different mattress tension preferences, or you simply like the idea of sharing a bed with your other half without constantly disrupting each other’s sleep, zip and link mattresses are ideal.

Essentially two mattresses that can be connected together to create a spacious wide sleeping surface or separated to make two single beds, these clever products could be the answer to some of your sleeping setup’s biggest woes.

With manufacturers like Relyon, Sleepeezee, Coolflex and Spring King among our range, you can be confident of a quality product when you make a purchase at MattressNextDay.

We know that your sleeping needs are unique to you so we offer these mattresses with a choice of firmness ratings, construction types, covers and fillings so you can select a model that’s just right for you. Whether you like a deeply cushioned, unyielding sleeping surface, a supportive mattress that moulds to your shape or one that can help to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, you can find just what you’re looking for among our collection. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a good night’s sleep either. We offer a selection of cheap zip and link mattresses that could help you to get the rest you deserve.

For more information, browse our range today.

Sleep better tonight with a zip and link mattress

Dreaming of a comfy night’s sleep despite your partner’s size or sleep preferences? A zip and link mattress, handmade in the UK, is the solution! If you’ve never heard of a zip and link mattress or haven’t fully understood its purpose before, you’ve come to the right place. We will eliminate the mystery and confusion shrouding this particular type of mattress below.

What is a zip and link mattress?

As the name suggests, a zip and link mattress is a large mattress made up of two mattresses of varying firmness and support. The two mattresses are joined together with a zip. The result is a large king or super king size mattress that caters to the comfort preferences of two people (or simply provides a larger sleeping surface).

Who stands to benefit from zip and link mattresses?

The many benefits of a zip and link mattress are hard to overlook. In fact, it would be easy to say that everyone can benefit from a zip and link mattress, but let’s narrow it down. As mentioned above, couples with different sleep preferences and noticeably different body weights stand to gain the most from a zip and link mattress.

This mattress makes it possible for each person to enjoy their mattress (and sleep) just the way they like it. It also means that rolling together is a lot harder, which is a definite plus for many couples. But it’s not just couples who stand to benefit from zip and link mattresses. This type of mattress is also the right choice for you if:

1. You want a large mattress, but your home has a narrow staircase or an entrance that is difficult to navigate. In this instance, the zip and link mattress can be delivered as two separate mattresses and linked together once positioned in the bedroom.
2. You need to accommodate house guests, but don’t want to purchase additional beds and mattresses. In this case, the two mattresses can be unzipped and used separately.

Order your zip and link mattress online today

Get free next day delivery when you buy a zip and link mattress online today. Speak to a sleep expert on 0333 0069 769 or chat to us online for more information.

Zip and Link Mattresses – What Are the Benefits?

You’ve been there before. In the store, or on the screen, your new king sized mattress seems fantastic. But after a tricky delivery, once it’s squashed up against you on the staircase, and now that you actually need to wrestle it into your bedroom… you really have to wonder if there’s an easier way. Well, with a zip and link, there is.

What are zip and link mattresses?

A zip and link is simply two single mattresses that zip together to form a larger one, usually king sized or super king. As two separate items, they’re far easier to lift and move upstairs or between bedrooms. For differences in bodyweight, or if you each prefer a harder or softer bed with a different level of support, you’re also free to have your half the way you like it – and still sleep on one king sized or super king bed.

And, because their two halves are easily joined together and taken apart, they give you much more versatility for yourself, for your family, and for visitors sleeping over.

Even better, this type also solves a common problem that any couple will recognise in a mattress that needs replacing: the strange phenomenon of roll-together.

Roll-together happens when the centre springs in double mattresses start to give and compress, creating a dip in the middle. This incline causes two sleepers to roll closer together, which can have a real impact on their quality of rest. But, with a zip and link, the two sleepers’ bodyweight is shared between two smaller mattresses – so that both can enjoy the support they need, with the benefits of minimal spring compression over time.

Why buy with us?

All of our mattresses are handmade in the UK and come with free 24-hour delivery, or whichever day suits you best. With trusted consumer reviews and our expert team on call whenever you need us, we’ll make sure you find your perfect mattress at a price you won’t lose sleep over.

We’ll even take away your old one to be recycled as part of our delivery service. Just click here to browse our best mattresses, or call 0333 0069 769 to speak with our Sleep Experts directly.  

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