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Trending Bedroom Ideas For 2024

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At MattressNextDay, we like to think of ourselves as style experts. Not only do we know the bed and furniture industry like the back of our hand, but we also know exactly how to decorate a bedroom with style. If you’re looking for the most on-trend bedroom ideas to redecorate this year, we’ve uncovered the biggest aesthetic trends that are already taking off.

Cosiness is key

It’s very much looking like ‘cosy bedroom’ is the number one bedroom decor trend this year. If you’ve read our post on the 9 mistakes that are making your bedroom feel cold, you’ll have seen our top tips on making a cosy bedroom. Fairy lights and candles are a sure fire way of cozying up your space, but one of our favourite cosy bedroom ideas is to add nostalgic items, like pictures or even collages of family and friends, to give you a warm ‘fuzzy’ feeling inside.

This feeling, over time, will help your brain to associate your bedroom with safety and peacefulness, giving you a cosy feeling every time you enter.

Cozy bedroom ideas have been trending on TikTok for a while, with users sharing their cosy bedroom aesthetics, such as mixing textures through fluffy pillows and soft throws to create a snuggly bed.

Cosy bedroom colours:

Warm yellow

Dark brown


Rust orange

AI image of a cosy bedroom.

Neutral Earth Tones are in

Perfect for the minimalists who want to add more cosiness to their bedroom, this decor trend is perfect. Prioritising minimalist features and plain base colours with pops of texture, a neutral earthy bedroom is super simple.

Start with clean, white linen, and layer blankets and throws on your bed, like you would if you were following a cosy bedroom idea. However, you want to go for ‘earthy’ tones, like terracotta or brown. These neutral tones are perfect for bringing warmth and comfort into your home. Add pottery and books to create a down-to-earth aesthetic, and bonus points if you can add some rattan furniture that really brings a natural vibe with it.

A neutral earth tone bedroom NEEDS plants, but don’t overdo it. You want to stay simple - don’t go down a maximalist bedroom path - and choose plants that create a mediterranean feel, like 

That’s what a neutral earth aesthetic bedroom is all about: creating the balance between clean minimalist, and an organic, mediterranean style.

Neutral earth tone room colours:




Sage green


AI generated image of a neutral earth toned bedroom with a meditarranean feel.

Dark feminine core for sexy sophistication

This one’s for the ladies, especially those who are drawn to a witchy, Morticia Addams type of style. TikTok has been obsessed with dark academia for a while, with its antique, upper-class and mysterious aesthetic. A dark feminine core bedroom takes its ideas from this subculture, but makes it sexy, sophisticated, and slightly scary.

A spinoff of dark academia, which is centred around literature, intellect and a moody, gothic aesthetic, dark feminine core is slightly more female-orientated. Books, the arts and a gloomy feel is definitely a priority, and it’s a much more mature version of ‘emo’ or ‘grunge’, with a seductive, mythical and almost haunted vibe.

The ideal bedroom idea for grown up emos, a dark feminine bedroom starts with dark colours. Obviously. You don’t have to go all in and paint your walls black, you can keep light coloured walls, and add dark accents and accessories, like picture frames, candle holders and bedding.

The key to defining a dark feminine energy bedroom is to embrace your femininity and sexual prowess - get some fake red roses that won’t wilt, and create moody, seductive lighting with candles instead of artificial light. Then, search your local charity shop for old fashioned brass candle holders, ornaments and other Victorian inspired pieces - this antique feel fits right into a dark feminine, dark academia bedroom.

Dark feminine core room colours:


Dark red


Pops of white

AI image of a dark feminine core bedroom aesthetic.

Vintage old money, without the price tag

If you like the sophistication of dark academia, but aren’t a fan of the gothic style, then the old money aesthetic is for you. Even if you’re not from a rich family, by adopting the old money aesthetic you give off the impression of generational wealth - think vintage features, Ralph Lauren and Chanel, and general understated elegance.

You can, however, create an old money aesthetic in your home without spending thousands of pounds. You don’t actually have to be wealthy to adopt this aesthetic. The key to the vintage old money idea is quality over quantity, and to be as understated, elegant and classy as possible.

Invest in bedroom pieces like a grand upholstered bed frame with a fancy headboard, and then keep the rest of your room fresh and simple. Muted colours like blush pink and natural wood tones ooze sophistication and are absolutely key for an old money room.

Scour your local charity shops for vintage decor items, like old fashioned jewellery holders and broaches. The best old money bedroom idea is to collect quality ‘antique’ items that you’d expect to see in a traditional, old-fashioned French bedroom, like a perfume atomiser or a traditional styled mirror - you can easily pick these up at an antiques shop, and they’re not usually too expensive.

Vintage old money room colours:

Blush pink

Dark navy (in moderation)

Light, neutral browns


AI image of luxury old money inspired bedroom with grand features.

Beige, but never boring

Keeping it simple, a beige white bedroom is pretty popular right now. An updated version of a clean girl room, a beige room is slightly cosier and softer, with light, muted colours and the perfect blend between fresh and homely.

If you’re a fan of a boho home aesthetic, but prefer to keep things tidy and clutter-free, the beige bedroom trend is perfect for you. Taking the same colour palette as a boho room, like light browns, creams and natural wood tones, the idea of a beige bedroom is to layer textures and shades to create dimension, but don’t over complicate it. Take a simple cream bedspread, and add two different shades of light brown cushions.

Then, add a neutral coloured throw to the end of your bed, and finish the rest of the room with cream walls and light brown features. You can then start to add simple but decorative additions, like a boho wall hanging or pampas leaves. These fit right in with the beige bedroom aesthetic, and makes sure your room doesn’t end up boring. 

Much like the neutral earth tone bedroom trend, a neutral aesthetic is really on trend this year - plus, these aesthetics are much easier to build upon if you decide to change your style in the future.

Beige bedroom colours:

Beige (duh)


Very light pink


AI image of beige bedroom idea.

Whatever bedroom ideas are your favourite, you can find key pieces for your room with us. An elegant metal bed frame would look great in a dark feminine room, while a luxury pillow top mattress is essential for an old money room. In fact, we’ve got bed frames in so many styles and colours, you’re sure to find the perfect match for whichever aesthetic you prefer.

If you need a little more help with bedroom ideas, check out the House & Home section of our blog, with guides like how to make your bedroom feel like a 5 star hotel. The biggest bedroom trends of 2023 will give you more room ideas, too.

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