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Helpful Guides & Tips for Super King Zip And Link Mattresses

The Super King size zip-and-link mattress is a great choice for couples. It has ample space to spread out on so you both always get the best night's rest. The innovative design also includes two spring units which are separate from one another. This means that you can wriggle about as much as you want during the night but without waking your other half up! The Super King size zip-and-link mattress can be turned into two single mattresses if required which makes it a truly versatile option for when people are staying over.

A whole host of practical benefits

This 6 foot mattress really does come loaded with a lot of practical features. The dual mattress design means that each mattress can be a different firmness, depending on how you each like yours. When joined together, this means you get the benefit of sleeping on a Super King Size mattress but with the bespoke touch of a single. This mattress also makes the dreaded 'roll together' effect a distant memory! Normal mattresses can see springs compress in the centre which causes you both to roll together. This mattress does not do this however due to the design minimising any central compression effect. This, in turn, leads to a much better evening's sleep all round for both of you.

Ideal for narrow staircases

Most people have been there when it comes to getting a new mattress up to your bedroom - it can sometimes be very hard work! The main culprit is usually a narrow staircase which larger mattresses have trouble navigating. The design of this mattress though makes it simple - as the two single mattresses can be delivered separately if required, it is much easier to get them up to your bedroom before joining together. Of course, if you find in the future that you no longer need a Super King size mattress, they can be separated into two singles for independent use.

Order your Super King Size zip-and-link mattress today

Here at Mattress Next Day, we have these awesome mattresses in stock to order right now. Our lowest price promise means that you will always get the best deal around while our excellent customer service is on hand to answer any queries. We are sure that this is one mattress that you will love - not only for its versatility but also for the comfort it delivers. Order online now and see just what all the fuss is about!

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