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King Size Mattresses

150cm x 200cm, 5ft x 6ft 6"

A king size mattress is one of the largest widely available mattress sizes in the UK. Choose your mattress from a wide range of well-known manufacturers like Silentnight, Rest Assured, Dunlopillo, Sealy, Sleepeezee and many more.

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What size is a king size mattress?

All our king size mattresses are 5' x 6' 6" (150 cm x 200 cm). This is both longer and wider than a double mattress, which measures 135cm x 190cm, and comfortably accommodates two sleepers. King-size mattresses are incredibly popular in the UK, and they’re especially loved by families with young children who appreciate that bit of extra space for the little ones to climb into in the mornings. In fact, there are only two types of mattresses that are bigger: the super-king mattress, and the emperor.

The depth of a king mattress varies depending on what sort of option you choose. The shallowest choices are around 14cm deep, which are very lightweight and convenient. The thickest options are around 35cm deep, offering a little more comfort for those who like a more robust feel to their king-size bed.

King size mattresses work great with our range of King size divan beds.

What is the best king size mattress for me?

There are many different options available when it comes to a king size 5ft mattress, allowing you to select your preferred firmness, material, and spring count. King size mattresses are available in a soft to extra firm feel, and with spring counts ranging from 800-1200 to more than 4000. In terms of material, there’s a wealth of choice, with everything from pocket and miracoil springs to natural fillings, memory foam, gel foam, and even medical grade options. Our most popular options of 5ft mattresses include pocket sprung and memory foam.

Pocket sprung king size mattress

A pocket sprung king size mattress features individual springs which are wrapped up in their own cloth sleeve. This allows the mattress to be responsive to movements throughout the night. These designs are usually available in a medium to firm king size mattress, which can help promote good posture while providing a comfortable night’s sleep.

King size memory foam mattress

A king size memory foam mattress is made from a special foam material that moulds to the body’s contours as you change sleeping position. These mattresses are especially popular amongst people who suffer from back pain, as they provide a good level of support and cushion your joints.

How much is a king size mattress?

Although a king-size bed mattress is the ultimate in luxury, it is a lot more affordable than many people think. Most of our mattresses at this size cost between £200 and £700. However, prices for a cheap king size mattress start at less than £120, and our more luxurious mattress options range from £1500 - £5000. We guarantee that we offer some of the best prices in the UK and we really do have something to suit all budgets.