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Adjustable Bed Mattress Buying Guide

Adjustable Bed Mattress Buying Guide

If you're finding it difficult to get in and out of bed, an adjustable bed could exactly what you need. With the ability to raise and lower the mattress at the click of a button. They are a great option for those with limited mobility. With the flexibility to choose your perfect sleeping position too. They can be a good solution for people suffering from back pain that struggle to get comfortable. Whether you're looking to replace your adjustable bed mattress or considering purchasing an adjustable bed. Find out everything you need to know in our helpful buying guide.

Why should I choose an adjustable bed?

For some people, getting in and out of bed can be quite the struggle. This could be due to a mobility issue, a surgery or an injury. But whatever the reason, adjustable frames will take the stress out of moving in and out of bed. Adjustable beds allow you to lift the mattress into an upright position. This is done by using a silent motor system controlled by an easy to use remote. Each side of the bed works independently from one another. Giving custom adjustability to each person in the bed. So if one of you needs some extra help getting out of bed, it won't disturb the other person's sleep. Since each side is made using a separate mattress. You can also have custom firmness depending on your sleep preferences and body-weights.

Do I need a special mattress for an adjustable bed?

When shopping for a mattress to pair with an adjustable bed, it's important to choose one that is flexible at the base. The mattress needs to be able to bend and move without damaging the structure inside. Foam styles like memory foam and latex foam tend to be the most flexible. If you opt to choose a high-quality foam style, it will maintain great support and remain flexible for years to come. Some less expensive foam styles can get damaged quickly on an adjustable frame.

Are adjustable beds good for back pain?

Sleeping at a slightly raised angle can be more comfortable than lying in a flat position for some people. Certain neck and back conditions, in particular, can be less aggravated when sleeping on an adjustable mattress. This may include:

  • Degenerative spondylolisthesis: Some people with degenerative spondylolisthesis may find it more comfortable to sleep in a slightly raised position. The combination of laying in a reclined position with support under the knees can reduce discomfort in the lower back. This can make it more comfortable and easier to fall and stay asleep.
  • Osteoarthritis: With osteoarthritis, it's common for individuals to wake up feeling stiff in the morning. When sleeping on an adjustable bed, you can play around with controls and find a sleeping position that feels best for you. You can also adjust the settings throughout the night to avoid too much pressure in certain areas. Mixing up your sleep position can decrease irritation to particular joints.
  • Spinal Stenosis: Sometimes people with spinal stenosis feel most comfortable when leaning forward. And laying flat while sleeping can cause for a sore back in the morning. Sleeping at a slightly raised angle can reduce stiffness in the spine.

How much do adjustable bed mattresses cost?

Like all beds and mattresses, adjustable bed mattress prices range greatly. This can depend on the quality, design and style of mattress. If you need to replace your mattress for your adjustable bed, be sure to take measurements before purchasing. Mattress costs range anywhere between £100 - £3000. However, what you spend will depend on the style, brand and materials you choose. The average cost for a single memory foam mattress in the UK is around £250. If you're unsure on what mattress size or style to choose for your adjustable bed. Feel free to contact one of our sleep experts. They will be able to offer you tailored advice for your sleep needs and questions.

Author: Lucy

Lucy is a copywriter, trend spotter, and our resident sleep expert! Lucie has been with the team since 2018 and her articles cover a sweeping array of subjects from general product care, the latest bedroom design trends, ways to promote healthier sleep and jargon-busting explanations to help you understand what goes into our products. Do you have questions for Lucy & the team? Call one of our sleep experts today!