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Give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep with our selection of top-rated mattresses. As we spend a third of our lives in the land of nod, finding the most comfortable mattress is crucial for improved quality of sleep. 

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How to choose the best mattress

Ranging from value single mattresses to luxury king size mattresses our affordable range offers the ultimate in comfort without costing a pretty penny.

For quality assurance, we also have offerings from the best mattress brands, with household names such as SilentnightSleepeezee and Sealy lending their know-how. Trust the sleep experts and choose from our best mattress deals with next day delivery as standard.

Mattresses with next day delivery

You don't have to wait long for a better night's sleep with our next day mattress delivery service. Buy a mattress online for delivery to most mainland UK addresses. We aim to deliver the very next day whenever it's possible to do so.

If you live in the Highlands or Grampians, there may be a slight delay. Some postcodes may be subject to an additional fee. All of the information about these extra charges can be found on our delivery page.

Mattresses near me? You can visit one of our showrooms or have your new mattress delivered on our next day delivery!

If you have any further questions or need some help, get in touch with our expert team on 0333 0069 769  

What size mattress do I need?

Choosing the right size mattress will very much depend on the space available in your home and whether you sleep alone or with a partner. For youngsters, a single mattress is generally the best. Its length is sufficient for most children. As the child grows, you might consider investing in a small double. While they’re narrower than traditional doubles, they are just as long. These can also be good for adults who don’t have enough room for a standard double bed. Double mattresses are good for couples and those who need extra room. However, if you’re both space-hoggers, then a king-size mattress will give you both plenty of room to relax. Super king-size beds are the final word in mattress space, giving all the room you need, plus a bit more. Check out our range of mattresses to find the one that suits your needs.  

The standard bed and mattress sizes in the UK are:

What mattress should I buy?

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for staying healthy and happy, but the wrong mattress will lead to aching muscles and sleepless nights. Therefore, knowing what mattress to buy and the factors which go into choosing the right one will help ensure you're on the right track. Factors to consider include:

  • Mattress firmness: There are four main types of firmness, including soft, medium, medium-firm, and firm.
  • Mattress type: The five main types of mattress are pocket spring, traditional spring, latex, gel, and memory foam.
  • Sleeping position: Are you a front, back, or side sleeper? This consideration is more important than many people realize.
  • Material: From foam and polyester to wool and cotton, make sure you factor in any allergies or respiratory conditions you have too.

What is the most comfortable mattress?

Each sleeper will require different levels of support and cushioning. However, so that you’ve got a working idea of how soft a mattress can be, the industry has rated them from 1 to 10, with one being the softest level of comfort and ten being the firmest. Broadly, these can then be broken down into three categories: Soft, Medium, and Firm.

  • Soft. Generally, these score a rating of between three and five. These are better for side sleepers, as they relieve the stress from pressure points, such as the hips, ankles, shoulders, and knees.
  • Medium. These score around six or seven on the ratings scale and are suitable for both side-sleepers and those who sleep on their backs. They offer extra support to the hips, spine, and shoulders, but without compromising on the cushioning effect.   
  • Firm. These tend to be rated between eight and ten on the scale and can include orthopaedic mattresses. Ideal for those who suffer from back pain, they offer superior support, which is often cushioned by a layer of contouring foam. 

What are the best types of mattresses?

The best types of mattresses are those that tailor to your body to offer equal levels of comfort and support. However, as each person will have different needs, no one mattress ticks all the boxes. Instead, mattresses can be broken down into four basic types, each with its own benefits. 

  • Sprung mattresses. These are filled with springs that offer excellent support. For the ultimate in customised support, pocket-sprung mattresses have the edge over their coil-sprung counterparts.
  • Foam mattresses offer better cushioning and are ideal for side-sleepers or those who need a little extra comfort.
  • Hybrid mattresses combine the firmness of springs with the cushioning of foam to provide a sleep experience that’s favoured by both side and back-sleepers.
  • Latex mattresses are made from plant materials and use carbon-friendly manufacturing and delivery processes. They’re hypoallergenic, and they don’t skimp on comfort. 

What are the best mattress brands?

Some of the leading mattress brands in the UK include SilentnightSleepeezeeSealyRelyonDunlopilloTuft & SpringsSleepSoulCoolflex, and Millbrook.

Silentnight, in particular, is the largest UK manufacturer of mattresses and beds in the UK. Located in Lancashire and founded in 1946, some of its most popular mattresses include the Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 Mattress, the Silentnight Mattress-Now 7 Zone Memory Mattress and the Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000 Mattress.

The Sleepeezee brand is even older, having been formed in 1924. Some of the most popular mattresses from Sleepeezee include the Sleepeezee Wool Supreme Pocket Mattress, the Sleepeezee Backcare Ultimate 2000 Pocket Mattress and the Sleepeezee PocketGel Poise 3200 Mattress.

With over 20 years of experience, SleepSoul might be a relatively newer player, but its mattresses are just as respected, with options such as the SleepSoul Air Mattress, the SleepSoul Comfort 800 Pocket Mattress and the SleepSoul Balance 800 Pocket Memory Mattress.

How much should a good mattress cost?

Mattresses tend to vary in price, mainly depending on how they’re made and what they’re made from. Cheaper mattresses might seem like a bit of a bargain, but they won’t necessarily help you get a good night’s sleep and in the long-term, can cause more problems than solve. To help you set your budget, we’ll look at the average cost of single and double mattresses, according to their main materials. 

  • Pocket-sprung. For a single, you can expect to pay around £200, while a double should cost somewhere in the region of £300 to £400  
  • Latex. A good latex single mattress will typically have a starting price of around £400 and you can expect to pay around £500 to £600 for a double. 
  • Memory foam. Singles start at around £200 to £300, while a double can retail at between £400 and £500.     
  • Orthopaedic. If you’re looking for a single mattress, then a good starting price is around £200. For a double, this can be around £400. 

How often should I change my mattress?

It's recommended that you change your mattress every six to eight years. However, there are no hard or fast rules; when and how often you change your mattress will come down to a few factors, including:

  • You've noticed sagging or damage
  • Your current mattress is negatively affecting your sleep
  • It's become noisy (this is common in older mattresses with worn-out springs)
  • You sleep better when staying at a hotel or someone else's house
  • You often wake up with sore muscles or stiff joints
  • You're suffering from allergies or asthma more regularly

How often should I clean my mattress?

The more a mattress is used, the greater the potential for things like dust, sweat, allergens, and dust mites to affect your sleeping surface. However, cleaning your mattress as little as once every six months can have a hugely beneficial effect on its condition. While there are specific mattress-cleaning products available, the simplest and most cost-effective method is to strip the mattress, sprinkle it with bicarbonate of soda and let it dry, before vacuuming it off. The bicarbonate will collect residual moisture and dust, leaving your mattress fresh, clean, and creating an inhospitable environment for dust mites. If you’re still sleeping on something that’s past its sell-by date, then check out our website for a new mattress.