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Dreamworks Mattresses

Dreamworks mattresses come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes, and degrees of firmness.

Dreamworks mattresses come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes, and degrees of firmness. There are 10 different models including:

Pillow Comfort
Canterbury 1700 Hand Stitched Cashmere
Sublime 1400
Sussex De Luxe 1000
Brompton 1200
Tranquility firm 1000
Pocket Choice 10000
Status Backcare
Dreamflex Memory

Each of the models listed above have specific characteristics that make it special and appropriate for individual sleep needs. When selecting a mattress it is important to determine what your sleep firmness needs are, your price range, and the style you are looking for.

When thinking about what level of firmness you need, note that mattresses with the higher number in their model name are more firm than lower numbered mattresses. So, the Canterbury 1700 has the most pocket springs. As the number decreases so does the level of firmness.

Many of the Dream Works mattresses are what is called "no need to turn" mattresses. This feature is exceedingly helpful as turning a mattress is often a two-person job. Dream Works mattresses come in a variety of fabric covers.

Dream works mattresses come with a variety of fillings to meet individual preferences. Some have supersoft white fibre layer, cotton blend and multi layer luxury upholstery, and visco elastic temperative sensitive 'Memory Foam'. The benefit of Memory foam is that it moulds to your body shape and offers individualized support.

Dream Works mattresses also come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs including: Single, Three Quarter, Double, King, and Super King.

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