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Mattress Choices For Antique Beds

Fancy an antique bed? Don't choose an antique mattress to go with it!

Antique beds hold a huge appeal for many people. Available in a wide range of styles and periods, a well-restored and maintained antique bed can provide a real focal point in your bedroom and, with the right mattress, can also give you years of comfortable sleep.

There are specialist dealers who can provide you with an amazing choice of antique beds. Once you've decided which bed is the right one for you, it's time to think about bases and mattresses:

Antique bed bases

In many cases, the price you see for the antique bed of your dreams just includes the frame and the head and foot boards. You will need to also budget for a bed base and a mattress. The bed base is usually quite straightforward. The bed supplier will be able to fit a slatted wooden base or a solid base, but these may not be suitable for putting a mattress directly on top of. Instead, you may need to invest in a custom-made bed base, which has all the advantages of modern base technology, such as solid top construction or a sprung edge design, and allow a modern mattress to sit on top and provide you with all the support you need. You should talk to your antique bed supplier about this.

Antique bed mattresses

You should always buy a brand new mattress for your bed, no matter how old the bed frame is. Second hand mattresses are unhygienic and won’t give you the support you need, so you must take advice on the range of new mattresses available and buy one that both fits your bed and gives you the right levels of support and comfort. Things to consider include:

The bed base - choose a mattress that works well with your bed base; a sprung mattress may not be right for a slatted base, but will be fine if you have a modern solid top or sprung edge base underneath.

The size - antique beds come in varying sizes, so a standard mattress may not fit exactly. It's important that you don't buy a mattress that's too big or too small for your base, so it's worth checking whether a standard sized mattress will fit or whether you will need a customised mattress.

The look - mattresses come in different depths and if you already have a new bed base fitted, the wrong mattress could ruin the authentic look of your bed. Get advice from your antique bed supplier and then contact us to help you find a mattress that's the right thickness to give the support you need and the look you want.

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